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What to Keep in Mind When Planning Your Own Wedding

by Maia Muttoo Mar 18, 2019

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Planning your own wedding can be overwhelming; throwing the perfect celebration involves a lot of tough decision making, organizational skills, and time commitments.  

No matter the reason you’ve chosen to do it yourself, these tips will help make wedding planning as seamless as possible.  

Make Yes and No Lists 

Start by making one list of all your must-haves, and another of all the things you absolutely do not want at your wedding. Prioritising will help you to narrow down your options and make booking vendors much easier 

Do you want a specific flavour of cake? Are you opposed to a particular genre of music? Do you want to get married in your local church? Are you going to wear a second reception dress?  

Try thinking of any weddings you’ve been to as a guest. What did you like and dislike about them?  

Organise Yourself 

Planning a wedding can be a long process, and you’ll gather a lot of information before the big day. Keep all your documents, notes and inspiration photos in an organised way so that they’re easy to access.   

You can use a three-ring binder with tabs for each aspect of the wedding, or you can download a wedding planning app to keep your notes close at hand 

Keeping a master checklist is also helpful for staying on track with your action items throughout the process.  

Reserve Early 

Wedding venues, especially well-known ones, fill their reservation books early. It’s recommended that you book your venue 16 to nine months before the event. Don’t let your dream venue pass you by because you booked too late!   

This goes for save-the-dates too. Send these as early as possible, so your guests don’t make other plans on your wedding date.  

Use Reliable Vendors 

Before you hire a vendor, be sure they can deliver on their promises. Remember, you’re spending a lot of money on your wedding, and the last thing you want is a disappointing product.  

Don’t book a DJ or entertainment without seeing them perform first. Taste all food ahead of time. Read all contracts in detail, so you know what you’ve agreed to. Try hiring vendors based on user reviews, or their relationships with trusted wedding planners. 

Hiring friends and family to provide services might help you cut back on cost, but be cautious. Make sure you can rely on them to give you professional, on-time and quality service.  

Consider the Seasons 

Be mindful of the environment. While an outdoor garden wedding in the summer may sound beautiful, it also means heat, a high possibility of rain and summer allergens.  

If you want specific fresh florals in your bouquet or centrepieces, you’ll also need to be sure that your preferred flower is in season. If it’s not, you may end up paying a lot more to ship it in from overseas.  

Finally, negotiating hotel packages for out-of-town guests during high tourist season can also be costly. Know your budget and be sure to set your date and venue with it in mind. 

When planning your own wedding, it’s important to be prepared so you can truly enjoy your big dayThese tips should get you started!   

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