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Yello Herb & Spice Rack: Bay leaf

by Lou-Ann Jordan Nov 25, 2019

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Bay leaf, a popular plant in the Caribbean, uses are quite varied.

The ancient Greeks used it as wreaths to adorn their heads.  Today, the aromatic leaves make their way into many pots, seasoning its contents.  The leaves have also been brewed and enjoyed as a herbal tea.  Bay leaf has also been used in many homemade cold and flu medicines.

Of course, these are practices and remedies passed down by grandmothers and aunties. And, they have worked over the years.  Few might have known that the pungent leaves are rich in vitamin A and C. And, bay leaves are a source of essential minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron.

Here are a few other health benefits to add to those you may already know:

Blood glucose reduction – Use of bay leaf has resulted in lowering blood glucose levels, cholesterol and triglyceride.  Bay leaves’ ability to improve the way insulin functions is significant in managing diabetes.

Pain relief – Topical application of bay leaf oil to aching joints reduces pain. It’s great for treating painful arthritic joints.

Aid in digestion – Bay leaf tea is a natural remedy for easing heartburn and acid reflux.  It also reduces flatulence and is an effective appetite booster.

Hair health treatment – Both dandruff and hair loss can be remedied with bay leaves. Whether in liquid form, as oil or infused in water, it is quite effective.

We hope we have added to your repertoire of exciting uses for bay leaves.  The best part is that these leaves are relatively easy to access.

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