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Yello Juice Bar: Detoxifying Never Felt–Tasted This Good. Drink Up!

by Lou-Ann Jordan Apr 18, 2019

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As Caribbean people, we are very familiar with the idea of giving things a “general clean.” There are specific times when homes, are turned inside out, literally, as unwanted items are removed. These moments of overhauling are incredibly rewarding as walkways, pathways or simply room space become decluttered.

Similarly, from time to time our bodies need overhauling.  Over time toxins in the body can build up causing loss of vitality, fatigue, hormone balances and sleep disturbances among other things.

Notably, conventional medicine does not view detoxification as important to one’s health.  However, a 2015 NY Times article highlighted many risks associated with contaminants in the body.  And, the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics state that toxins found in food, water and consumer products negatively impact maternal and infant health worldwide.

That being said, in this issue of Yello Juice Bar, we have unearthed a recipe that is not only delicious but detoxifying.  We’ll list the ingredients and you get your blender.

A Delightful Detox

1 cup of fresh-squeezed grapefruit

1 small stalk of celery, washed

5 leaves of parsley, washed

1 chunk of aloe vera approximately 2” thick

Preparation:  Add grapefruit, celery, parsley and aloe vera in the blender.  Blend thoroughly. Do not strain.  Drink on an empty stomach once or twice a week.

Stay tuned to Yello Juice Bar for our next delicious concoction.

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Source: Juices Refreshing & Delicious.