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Are You Cultivating Healthy Life Habits?

by Carolyn Lee Apr 15, 2019

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cultivate healthy lifestyle habits

The adage, “health is wealth” resonates with even more persons today. Healthier lifestyles are encouraged, and with that, healthier habits.  

The following is a short list of a few healthy habits that could help to improve life at home and work.  


  • Speak kindly to yourself. Forgive yourself and others if something goes wrong. Focus on solving problems. Everyone makes mistakes. Learn from it and move on.  
  • At the end of the day, do a mental audit to assess the thought patterns that dominate your mind. Focus on the things that went well. Look for solutions for the things that didn’t. Most importantly, try to focus on the present moment. 
  • Don’t go to bed angry. Protect your peace of mind by implementing positive activities, people and experiences into your days. 

cultivate healthy lifestyle - mindfulness


  • Create an exercise routine and be consistent with it. Some persons opt to work out in a gym, while others prefer outdoors. There are also easy exercises that you can do at home as well. 
  • Rest and sleep play a crucial role in overall good health and well-being. Sleep heals and repairs the body. The recommended amount of sleep for adults 18 years and older is seven to eight hours. 
  • Focus on the nutrition that is right for your body, age, ancestry, and lifestyle. Reduce the intake of sweet, sugary drinks. Consume more water, vegetables, and fruits. A nutritionist can offer expert guidance on a nutrition plan that works best for you. 


  • Laughter really is good medicine. Humour is one way to deal with challenges. It takes away the bite but allows you to still pay attention to the issue. 
  • Embrace change. A change in perspective can open doors that you never thought about. Be curious. Explore. Look for the opportunities in change. 
  • Be altruistic. However, know when and where to draw the line between giving and surrendering. 


  • Choose a spiritual path that aligns with your life plan. Employ activities and consort with people that help you to grow via their contribution to your path and what you want to accomplish. 
  • Meditation and mindfulness are excellent for improving clarity, concentration, and outlook. This also helps with anxiety, depression and high blood pressure among other illnesses. 
  • Try yoga. Regular yoga practice helps to reduce chronic stress patterns, relaxes the mind and helps with concentration. It may reduce anxiety and inflammation and improve heart health.  

Finally, find what works for you, practice it daily and change it up when you need to. Here’s to a wealth of good health and abundance!  



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