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Customers More Traditional – You Need the Yellow Pages

by Yello May 23, 2019

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Contrary to popular assumption, print advertising is not dead. It has simply evolved with the times, as all things must do. Particularly because yes, the Internet ushered in the wave of online advertising. But print advertising is still very much an effective and useful form of advertising and there is no better medium for print advertising, than the Yellow Pages.

You’re probably wondering how, in the pervasive digital world we live in, print advertising can still be effective. Well consider who your business is targeting. Different target audiences tend to gravitate towards different marketing channels.

And research shows that older individuals typically gravitate towards more traditional methods of advertising, such as print. So if the main target audience for your business is customers 40 and over, it would be very unwise to ignore print advertising as one of your marketing channels. And if you’re looking to get the most out of print advertising, Yello is the answer.

Here are few facts to consider.

  • Our research shows that in the Caribbean, print users typically refer to the Yellow Pages at least twice a day.
  • 82 percent of the users of the print directory made purchases or arranged for services after using the directory.
  • 80 percent of businesses and 81 percent of households own a copy of the print directory.
  • Yello provides the most comprehensive directory listing in all our various markets across the Caribbean.
  • Over 51 percent of advertisers we spoke to stated that print advertising offers the best value for their advertising and communication spend.
  • More than 20 percent of businesses have been advertising with Yello (i.e. the Yellow Pages), for more than 15 years.

The latter is particularly relevant if your target audience is over 40. The fact is many of the businesses which advertise with the Yellow Pages have successfully done so for years and their audience has aged along with said business. In other words, many of their customers are as traditional as them.

And traditional consumers gravitate towards traditional methods of advertising, like the print directory. Because many are more comfortable with what they know and are used to, versus the new and unknown.

So if your customers are still comfortable with the tried and true traditional methods of advertising, reach out to them accordingly.

And Yello can help. Contact us today to discuss our various yellow pages listing offers and help you pick an option that works best for your business and your budget.