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Mother’s Day Ideas for When You’re on a Tight Budget

by Stephanie Koathes May 6, 2019

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Mother and daughter cuddling.

Moms are awesome.

With Mother’s Day coming up we’re sharing ways to show her how amazing you think she is while sticking to a tight budget.

Cook her favourite dinner

Dining at home can be just as nice as dining out, for a fraction of the cost. If you’re on a budget, put on your chef hat and prepare your mom’s favourite meal. She’ll appreciate the effort even if you’re not the best cook.

Have a family outing

Take her on a picnic or out to the beach for the day. Everyone can share the costs for the outing – except mom of course.

Play games

Plan a family games night. Bring the close family together for a night of food and fun. Spending time with her loved ones laughing and having a good time is sure to make your mom happy.

Make a gift basket

You can pick up an inexpensive basket at a craft store or craft market and fill it with things you know she’ll like. Pack the basket with chocolates or homemade baked goodies, or lotions, candles and perfume.

Collage of photos.

Make her a collage

We tend to have most of our photos on our phones, computers and in cloud storage and that makes receiving a physical photo even more special. Put together a collage of pictures of you and your mom. Make sure to mix in some funny ones with all the glamourous shots.

Create a memory book

Have your family members, friends, and your mom’s friends all write down some of their fun, silly, or touching memories in a notebook. This memory book is sure to be something she’ll treasure.

Make a ‘things I love about you’ jar

In your best handwriting jot down 10 things you love about your mom on individual post-it sheets. Fold them and place them in a glass jar. Tie a ribbon underneath the lid and label the jar ‘10 things I love about you’. Leave the jar someplace unexpected where you know she’ll stumble across it, like in the refrigerator or by the bathroom sink.

Rolled up notes in a glass jar with a pink heart.

Send her a postcard

Even if you live in the same country or the same house! How often does your mom get mail that’s not a bill? Slip a postcard into the mailbox; she’ll surely be happy when she checks her mail finds a postcard from you.

Do her chores

Write your mom a note explaining that you’ll make the chore she hates the most your responsibility either on Mother’s Day or a day of her choosing.

If you have some wiggle room in your budget, check out our ideas for Mother’s Day gifts to splurge on. No matter what you choose to do, your mom will be happy that you’re making an effort to make her feel special.