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The Islands of the Bahamas: Unique. Engaging. Fun for Everyone! 

by Carolyn Lee May 20, 2019

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Nassau, Bahamas

Life can be dreamy when you live in paradise. If you don’t, that dreamy vacation may just be a flight away. The Islands of the Bahamas are your gateways to paradise. From scenic attractions, to immersing in fun activities – you can unlock a world of access. 

If you are about to plan that well-deserved vacation or staycation in The Bahamas, this is for you! 

 There are 16 stunning islands that you can choose from to find the island that is perfect for you. We’ve compiled quick snapshots of five of the islands to get you started. 


The Berry Islands 

Snorkelling - Berry Islands, Bahamas

The Breakdown: Boasting a cluster of 30 cays, The Berry Islands feature awesome dive sites, a 600-foot-wide blue hole, miles of secluded beach and championship sports fishing. Its nickname is “Sweet Cay.” 

How to get there: Once you are in the Bahamas, rental car, golf cart, bicycles or chartered ferry service can get you there. 

Activities: Common activities include hiking, snorkelling, diving and beachcombing. Add Chub Bay, Berry Island tours, Coco Cay and Great Stirrup Cay to your list of possible places to visit for fun, adventure and relaxation. 


The Abacos 

The Abacos - Hope Town Lighthouse

The Breakdown: This 120-mile long chain of islands is a boating and sailing paradise. There are quaint colonial towns on Green Turtle and Elbow Cays. The Elbow Reef Lighthouse of Elbow Cay is its most recognizable landmark. It is manually operated. Golf lovers will want to check out the championship golf courses on Treasure Cay as well. 

How to get there: There are frequent domestic and international flights available. You can travel through Marsh Harbour International Airport (MHH) or Treasure Cay International Airport (TCB). In addition to this, there are airstrips at Sandy Point, Moore’s Island, Spanish Cay and Scotland’s Cay.  

Activities: To get you started, there are sightseeing (water and land tours), regattas (in July), scuba and snorkelling. Visit any of the numerous bars, museums and restaurants for a taste of The Bahamas. Do not miss an opportunity to visit the Elbow Reef Lighthouse! 


Rum Cay 

Rum Cay - The Bahamas

The Breakdown: If you are looking for an authentic Bahamian experience, Rum Cay is the answer. This sleepy and peaceful island is the home of historical ruins, beautiful coral reefs, and miles of gorgeous beach. It is believed that it was inhabited by Arawak Indians. There are bowls, utensils and drawings that reflect how they lived in Hartford Cave. 

How to get there: Transportation is available via the small airstrip at Port Nelson Airport (RCY). There is a mailboat service, as well as access to chartered air service. 

Activities: Rum Cay is great for snorkelling, fishing, diving, surfing, and shark shows (February – July). 


The Exumas

Swimming pigs - The Exumas 

The Breakdown: There is no shortage of stunning beaches in The Bahamas. However, The Exumas is where you will find sapphire blue waters with impeccable visibility. Dubbed as “an exotic collection of dream destinations”, The Exuma, has long been a favourite for celebrities. A popular feature of the cays is the mile-long sandbar. This is a stretch of pure white sand, which emerges from the water during low tide. If you are looking for an ultimate escape, this is it! 

How to get there: There are several major airlines (national and international) that offer flights into Exuma International Airport (GGT). There are chartered flights, as well as travel via ferry from Nassau. A mailboat also offers regular service. 

Activities: The adventures are endless. Check out the restaurants, visit the swimming pigs, go snorkelling and swim with nurse sharks in Compass Bay. If you love nature, try a bit of the ecotourism such as the blue holes, the national parks and the Caribbean Pine Tree forests. Other activities include bone fishing, diving at Dean’s Blue Hole and a wealth of land and sea tours. 



Atlantis - Bimini 

The Breakdown: Are you down for some adventure? Rumour has it that in Bimini, you may find just that and more. Novelist, Ernest Hemmingway chose Bimini as his hideaway and with good reason. It is has attracted visitors who are keen on discovering the ‘The Lost City of Atlantis‘, and the ‘Fountain of Youth.’ In the early days, its proximity to the United States made it a worthwhile place for rum runners to hide their stash. 

How to get there: The South Bimini Airport (BIM) provides scheduled service from Nassau, Grand Bahama and Florida, USA. There are charter services available and a seaplane service into Resorts World Bimini.  

Activities: There are museums, land, sea and underwater tours, diving and snorkelling. Add a visit to the SS Sapona shipwreck or the Healing Hole to your list! 


This was just a quick look at five of the islands. There is so much more that you can discover during your time here.  


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