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10 Of The Best & Easiest Beauty Hacks You’ll Find Online

by Lou-Ann Jordan Oct 21, 2019

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There are some everyday concerns all women share—little frustrations we all experience and wish someone would come along to create simple solutions. 

Now, we’re not talking about life-altering matters.  This article is about beauty hacks, after all.   But even more so, when it comes to our beauty regime, there are things for which we would all welcome an effortless solution. 

Sometimes it’s battling dry feet, figuring out how to stretch mascara or finding a cheaper alternative to our current make-up remover.  The list is endless, but there are tricks and tips we can put to use — little DIY fixes that make your beauty and skincare routines uncomplicated.

Undoubtedly hacks make life easier.  The fact that we can take everyday items and stymy, little but annoying, issues is nothing less than remarkable. The best part is in most instances we don’t have to pay any extra money.  Usually, we already have the items, so it’s just about repurposing.

While we can’t address all your daily annoyances, we want to offer some relief.  So, we’ve scoured the internet and collated 10 of the best and easiest beauty hacks. 

You’re guaranteed to find them useful.  These tricks will help solve some of your self-care frustrations.

10 Beauty Hack All Women Should Know

Battling dry feet. At night, apply lotion or shea butter to your feet and cover with a sock. Morning rays should bring softer feet.  However, you may want to practice this for an extended period if you have extremely dry feet.

Stretch dry mascara. If your mascara has become dry and you’re not able to replace adding a few drops of saline solution will give you a few more uses. Do note that it’s best to discard the mascara if you’ve had it for three months or more.

Stop chafing thighs. Sometimes during workouts, inner thighs can rub ruining the experience.  Applying baby powder to areas that tend to chafe prevents the discomfort, keeping you dry and feeling fresh.

Make a nail polish remover.  Next time your nail remover finishes and low funds make it difficult to replace it immediately.  But, before you begin to gnaw or scrape at the polish try mixing lemon juice and vinegar for a natural remover. 

Disguise overgrown manicures. A simple way of hiding the fact that your nails have outgrown your last manicure is applying glitter nail polish to the exposed area.  It’ll help distract eyes until you’re able to make it to your next appointment.

Substitute make-up remover.  If you’re unable to find the time to replenish your make-up remover, then we’ve got the perfect substitute—coconut oil.  Add a few drops to a cotton swab and use to remove your make-up.

Have longer lasting perfume.  To lengthen the life of your early morning spritz of perfume, rub a tiny bit of petroleum jelly over it.  It will help seal the fragrance to your skin.

Create the perfect winged look.  Creating a winged look with your eyeliner can be challenging.  An easy way to draw an ideal curve is to use a spoon.  Place the spoon with the hollow side against your eyelid.  Use your eyeliner to draw the curve tracing the bottom line of the spoon. 

Get thicker lashes.  False eyelashes have its place, but for every-day thicker lashes, there is a more natural, cheaper, faster option.  Apply a coat of mascara then using a cotton swab, dust your lashes with baby or translucent powder and then reapply mascara.  You’ll see a noticeable difference.

Admittedly, there are many more tips, tricks or hacks that can lengthen this list.  However, these 10 are an excellent place to start. 

Enjoy trying them out, and be sure to share them.  You never know, you may help make some other women’s lives better.

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