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15 Times You’ll Say: Yes, There’s an App For That!

by Lou-Ann Jordan Oct 14, 2019

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The 21st century is a fantastic period in which to live.  Technological advancements over the 20 years have given us energy-saving light bulbs, ebooks, social media, and smartphones.  Of course, there are other noteworthy advancements.

Smartphones changed our lives, especially as it gave us access to another priceless techy phenomenon—applications. According to BBC Webwise, with apps, your phone or tablet becomes a pocket radio or the remote control of a helicopter.

Apps can also help you acquire information or skills.  It can guide you to a location, inform you of flight information, suggest meals or help you access a local business number.  We are living in the age of: “There’s an app for that.”

However, with so many out there, where do you find the time to collate the most useful apps? Not to mention, ensure they are free.  Well, that’s where we come in.  As always, Yello is here to provide you with the information you need.

So here are 15 of the most useful apps:

Google Translate (iOS/Android) – Free

So you’re fulfilling your dream of vacationing in Italy, but you don’t speak a lick of Italian.  Use a translation app.  Google Translate is the perfect app.  The free software provides access to over 100 languages.  It translates words, phrases and web pages.

Think Dirty (iOS/Android) – Free

First, it’s not what you think.  Do you wonder if your toothpaste or lotion is as natural as the cosmetic companies claim?  The Think Dirty app allows you to scan the barcode of products to help identify their ingredients. It educates you on the toxicity of your care and cosmetic products and suggests safer alternatives.

RescueTime (iOS/Android) – Lite version free

Is social media too distracting?  Do you find it difficult to manage the time you spend on Instagram or Facebook?  If you answered yes, this app is for you.  A time management app, RescueTime does exactly as the name suggests—rescues you from mismanaging your time.  The app assists in developing better habits.  It helps you monitor how you spend your digital time.  Also, it provides insight into how you spend your days and offers other productivity-improving tools. Moreover, one of its best features is it lets you block distractions.

The app works on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.  There are two versions.  RescueTime Lite is free of charge, while the premium is billed at $6.00US monthly.

My Tracker (iOS/Android) – Free

My tracker is an easy-to-use free app for women.  Compatible with iOS and Android it tracks menstruation cycles.  It is an excellent way of keeping track of irregularities.  Women can note symptoms and moods, as well as log any medicinal usage.

Fridge Food (iOS/Android) – Free

How often have you heard or expressed: “I don’t know what to cook?” That is despite there being food in the cupboard or pantry, and refrigerator. Well, no more.  The Fridge Food: Easy Cooking app has eradicated such frustration. Just identify the ingredients you currently have and voilà!  The app populates recipes based on your food stock.  Now, all you have to do is light the stove.

SnapBizCards (iOS/Android) – Free

This app is smart technology—no more scrambling for pen and paper to jot down someone’s business number.  Alternatively, collecting inordinate amounts of business cards—no those days are behind us.  The SnapBizCards app lets you quickly store and manage business cards.  Simply, snap a picture of the card to have the information stored in your contacts.

PackPoint Travel (iOS/Android) – Free

How often have you travelled and realised that in your crazed packing you forgot an essential item?  PackPoint Travel is here to the rescue!  This awesome app guides you in what you need to pack based on length of stay, weather conditions and type of travel.  It’s the perfect digital travel packing list organiser.

Flipboard (iOS/Android) – Free

Want to keep abreast of what’s in the international news?  Flipboard generates the latest international news, stories, and conversations from the web and presents them to you. As you read the story, you can indicate whether you “like” or “like less” the article.  Flipboard stores your information creating a personalised magazine.  It’s a ‘smart’ magazine showcasing the news you want to know.  Also, you can share your favourite stories with friends.

SAS Survival Guide (iOS/Android) – Lite version free

Let’s say you were to get lost in the mountains, what would you do?  How would you keep warm? What would you eat? This is where the SAS Survival Guide app comes in handy.  The app is touted as being a smart guide that can help you survive in any situation, in any part of the world. Now you may be wondering how you would access the internet if you’re lost in the wilderness.  Well, the app requires internet access only for the initial launch.  The creators offer a lite version which is free.  Alternatively, you can upgrade to a comprehensive version for $5.99US per month.

Weber’s Grill (iOS) – Free

Grilling has never been this easy. Whether you classify your grilling skills as beginner, intermediate or advanced you’ll find this application useful.  Weber’s Grill offers tips and tricks for grilling, as well as numerous recipes.  If you’re ready to up your barbeque or grilling game, this app will help you do it!

Delectable Wines (iOS/Android) – Free

So you like wines but can’t differentiate between a Chardonnay and a Moscato?  That’s okay.  Who needs to be a wine connoisseur when you’ve got the Delectable Wines application? This free app is as easy as one-two.  One – download it.  Two, snap a photo of the wine label.  Then, look on as the info on the wine populates.  We have a feeling this app will move to the top of your ‘favourites.’

CamScanner (iOS/Android) – Free

This app turns your device into a portable scanner.  Let’s say you’re working from home, but need to email documents or receipts to the office?  Launch the app and snap a photo.  Also, you don’t have to worry about readability.  The programme will automatically crop and enhance the image. Now all you have to do is hit, send.

SWORKit (iOS/Android) – Lite version free

Let’s face it, for some, the gym is the least preferred workout space.  Then there are those who don’t have the time.  However, we all know that physical activity and exercise are vital in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Enter, SWORKit.  Boasted as one of the smartest apps on the planet, it frees us of all excuses.  With customisable workout routines, users choose the type of workout routine they want.  Also, you can set the time you have available. SWORKit guides users on what to do and the proper techniques.

It’s exercising in the comfort of your home or hotel room, for free.  There is also a premium option for $2.99US per month.

Duolingo (iOS/Android) – Free

The Duolingo app developers’ mission is to make education fun, free and accessible–and this they have done!  Duolingo presents a new and innovative way of language learning. Instead of prompts for monotonous recitation, the app feels like a game.

So, don’t give up on that annual New Year’s resolution.  If you wished to learn a new language this year, Duolingo might be worth a try.

FindYello (iOS/Android) – Free

Yes, we saved the best for last.  The Findyello app is a lifesaver.  Gain access to business and residential numbers across the region.  The app provides you with online telephone directory service for 19 Caribbean islands. You can search for a business, view opening hours, locations or make a direct call to confirm availability of the desired product or service.  Additionally, the app provides access to local weather, flight information and relevant editorial articles based on your location.

With the Find Yello app, the Caribbean is practically at your fingertips. The best part is—this app is free!

Whether it’s getting cooking ideas, surviving in the wild or packing for a trip, you name it we’re sure there’s an app for it.  We have barely scratched the surface.  Get your phone and explore.

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