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Caribbean Fruits & Recipes: Let’s Try Something New—’Skinup Chow’!

by Lou-Ann Jordan Sep 18, 2023

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Findyello article sharing recipe of caribbean fruit skinup, genip, chenet chow or salad with image showing shelled fruit

Caribbean life comes with many perks. People often consider our easy-going way of life or lovely beaches the major advantages of residing in these tropics. But there’s so much more, and one that should never be overlooked is our accessibility to a wide range of fresh, assorted fruits.

While mangoes may top many people’s ‘favorite fruits’ list, other equally delicious fruits are found throughout the islands. Furthermore, from January to December, we can cherry-pick which fruits we want to eat, and we have the added benefit of knowing their nutritional value.

Do you know what fruits are in season this month? In our feature, Caribbean Fruits: A List of Fruits in Season from July to December, we detail the seasonal fruits available each month. While we saw an abundance of mangoes in July, they dwindled, coming to a halt before the end of August. Still, September offers lots of other juicy fruits to enjoy. There is sugar apple, watermelon, cantaloupe, five-finger or star apple, papaya, and more—it’s a long list.

One kind that is difficult to miss is skinup, also called chenet, genip, guinep or Spanish lime in other territories in the region. Lately, you can’t stop at a corner without someone offering you “a real sweet” bunch for a dollar or two. It’s not uncommon to see mouths working furiously to remove the soft, sweet, and tangy flesh from the hard seed, whether in a vehicle, at home or even in the office. Of course, the location determines our vigour because when in public spaces, we try to be more discreet with our mouth movement. Still, most of us can’t resist skinup!

As you continue to partake in this season’s offering of skinup, with all the powerful antioxidants they offer, we want to share an alternative way of enjoying this fruit. Have you ever had it as a chow? Don’t knock it until you’ve given it a try. We’re borrowing this recipe from the Trinidadians since they are known for creating chows (some islands prefer the term ‘salads’) from basically any type of fruit. Try this recipe the next time you buy a bunch or bag of skinup.

Findyello article sharing recipe of caribbean fruit skinup, genip, chenet chow or salad with image showing shelled fruit in a bowl

A Tasty Skinup Chow Recipe


One bunch of skinup

Two cloves of garlic

One chadon beni leaf

½ teaspoon pepper sauce

One pinch of black pepper

Salt to taste


Wash and remove brittle shell from each orb and place them in a bowl. Next, wash garlic cloves and chadon beni and finely chop. An alternative is to grate the garlic on the side with the finest holes. Add to the bowl along with pepper sauce, pinch of black pepper and salt to taste. You can adjust the amount of hot sauce according to your tolerance level. Mix well and let sit for 10 minutes. Then, enjoy. You’ve now made skinup or as the Trinis say, chenet chow.


So, what have you been doing with your fruit? We know what we’ll do with ours—make chow like the Trinis. Be on the lookout for our next attempt. One can only guess upon which local fruit the spotlight will shine.