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Fun Things to do in The Caribbean! How to Do a Grenadian Island Tour

by Lou-Ann Jordan Feb 19, 2024

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Findyello article on funs things to do in the Caribbean with image of Grenada's Seven Sisters waterfall.

There are lots of fun things to do in the Caribbean, and some activities are unique to each island. Each island has pastimes that if you visit, you’re very likely to be encouraged to do so. In Trinidad and Tobago, river limes are characteristic of the “Trini” experience. To learn more about all that’s involved in a Trini river lime, read our feature on this fun experience.

Here in the Spice Isle, there are many experiences that are decidedly Grenadian from which we can choose. We enjoy cookouts, salt and freshwater fishing, bamboo rafting, and beach or park limes, but nothing beats our ‘round de island’ tours.

First, let’s talk about the incredible connectivity of Grenadian topography. More than the marvel of being able to drive around the island, there’s the fact that the roads are well connected. As a driver, it’s common to have a ‘wrong turn’ result in discovering a new route. Usually, the unfamiliar road eventually leads you to one that is familiar, and suddenly you’re back on track. It’s one of the things that adds excitement to an island tour.

Findyello article on funs things to do in the Caribbean with image of Grenada's Carenage.

Preparation for the tour is straightforward. Most people pack or don swim gear and an extra set of clothes. Next, snacks and water are gathered; you’ll want to keep hydrated. For most, fast food is the order of the day, and a stop can be made at some point in the journey. As for transportation, depending on the crew size, one or two may volunteer their vehicle. We tend to enjoy carpooling. It’s fun and cost-effective. Alternatively, a car rental for the day works just as well.  

Now, all that’s left to decide is which of the many sites to visit on our beautiful island. For some, choosing destinations may be done on the spur, and for others, it’s well thought out. The spots are identified early either because they are ‘favourites’ or it’s been mentioned by others as a “must-see”. Usually, when taking a visitor site-hopping, we’ve already decided on the places we’re going to showcase.     

We mentioned Grenada’s wonderfully connected roadways, so navigation is relatively easy. Therefore, the tour may begin on the western or eastern side of the island, hitting various locations as you head north and then make your way south along the opposite coast. Another fun option is beginning the trip from the interior, travelling northerly to Lavera Beach, the island’s tip. There are various attractions along the way.

Whether you’re local or a visitor, this is a fun pastime that’s truly Grenadian. Why not give it a try this weekend? We’ve created three short lists of locales in several parishes travelling along the western and eastern sides of the island and a centrally. Decide which route you’ll take and head off for a fun Grenada island tour.

Sites for Grenada Island Tour – along the Western side

  • Concord Waterfall – St. George
  • Black Bay Beach – St. John
  • Diamond River – St. Mark
  • Leapers Hill – St. Patrick
  • Welcome Stone – St. Patrick
Findyello article on funs things to do in the Caribbean with image of Bathway Beach

Sites for Grenada Island Tour – along the Eastern side

  • La Sagesse Beach – St. David
  • Hope Estate Look-out – St. Andrew
  • Mt Carmel – St. Andrews
  • Bathway Beach – St. Patrick
  • Lavera National Park – St. Patrick

Sites for Grenada Island Tour – along the central

  • Annandale Falls – St. George
  • Grand Etang Lake – St. Andrew
  • Halifax Harbour – St. John
  • River Antoine – St. Patrick

Grenada is home to many sites and vistas, and these are just a few of our favourites. You can add to our list or swap with a few of yours. We imagine you’ll have enough sights to keep you busy for the next few weekends.