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Get Out and Rejuvenate! Check Out These Chill Spots on Your Lunch Break or Weekend

by Lou-Ann Jordan Feb 6, 2023

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St. George's Harbour, Grenada

There are 260 weekdays and 105 weekends in 2023.  How many of those do you spend at home scrubbing, lifting, dusting, and cooking, or at work slouching in front of a computer screen? Now, none of those is bad things. Life may necessitate that you do all of them; albeit without slouching. However, there are better ways to spend your time, and even more so your weekends, especially as there are only 95 of them left.

In recent years, there has been greater emphasis on the importance of self-care. The global community continues to highlight the significance of actively engaging in practices that protect one’s health and well-being. Whether a parent, single or married, spending time alone is vital for unwinding and rebooting. 

Life can be a constant barrage of intensely stressful or mentally draining situations and decisions. As such, we all need to secure periods when we can clear our minds and rejuvenate. Having moments of solitude is essential to our well-being.

So, where would you go? Your study, mancave, or bedroom may not always be viable options. You can’t ignore the knocks—or shouts—of your little ones or partner. Also, if you’re single and not a parent, it’s still a good idea to change your environment. 

After all, this is pure Grenada. It’s the land of spice, so it’s time to spice up your life. We’ve got the perfect chill spots for you. You’re going to look forward to sneaking away when you want to spend some much-needed alone time. The best part is that because they are easily accessible, they’re also perfect for a reprieve from the office. Who says you can’t use your lunch hour for a bit of solitude?

Camerhogne Park

Camerhogne Park in Grand Anse is an easily accessible chill spot. It’s an excellent place to head to on your weekday lunch break or for a weekend reprieve. You can secure a bench and treat yourself to a bit of ‘people-watching’ as you eat or walk with a blanket to spread under a shady tree. You’ll find either very relaxing.

Findyello article on Grenada chill spots with image of lifeguard booth in Grand Anse.

Grand Anse Beach

Undoubtedly, Grand Anse Beach is Grenada’s most popular beach. It is a favourite with locals and visitors alike. Many people hop on the local buses and trek from the outer parishes to visit this beach. While nothing is stopping you from using your lunch hour to sit on the shore and let the crashing waves soothe your frenzied mind, an after-work or weekend visit might be more fulfilling. You can then take a stroll along the 1.86-mile-long beach and take in the mesmerisingly clear water with its varying shades of blue. Also, from Grand Anse Beach, the view of the sunset is amazing!

Quarantine Point

Quarantine Point, St George is a secluded spot that is beautifully scenic. Notably, it’s less accessible than Camerhogne Park, and you’ll need a vehicle. However, once there you’ll appreciate the solitude it offers. The backdrop of the dazzling Caribbean Sea and St. George in the distance is wonderfully enhanced by lush green trees. When the surrounding flamboyant trees are in bloom, they add a burst of brilliant red colour that is spectacular. Though it’s possible to spend your lunch there, an hour may be too short. Our suggestion is don’t cheat yourself, pack a snack and make it a Saturday evening trip. 

Findyello article on Grenada chill spots with image of Grenada Spice and Craft Market.

Lance Aux Epines Beach

Lance Aux Epines Beach is a nifty little nook that’s easily forgotten. Like Quarantine Point, public transportation is not going to take you there, so you’ll need a vehicle. Also, parking is limited, but as it’s not frequented much, chances are you’ll find a parking spot easily. You drive there on your lunch break and enjoy your meal as you inhale the salty air. It’s the perfect nook for lunchtime rejuvenation. Alternatively, why not go for an early Saturday or Sunday morning beach walk on its calm shoreline? The gentle waves and cool, shaded shore offer a tranquil experience.

Grand Anse Craft and Spice Market

The Grand Anse Craft and Spice Market is a lively spot you can visit when you need a break, on a weekday or the weekend. Local artisans man the shops selling handcrafted souvenirs, leathercraft and local spices. Also, you can either walk with your meal or better still, patronise one of the various food stalls. As it’s situated on Grand Anse beach, you can take an after-lunch stroll on the beach and appreciate the arresting seascape.


When feeling bogged down by work or life’s worries sometimes a change of environment is all we need to revive. Step outside, soak up the sunshine, breathe in the fresh air and then tackle the day’s challenges.

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