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Failed Last Year’s Vehicle Inspection? Read On For The Secrets To Passing

by Lou-Ann Jordan Jan 6, 2020

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Grenadians it’s that time of the year when we drivers make our annual trip to the traffic department.

To keep our roads safe we must ensure our vehicles maintain the regulatory standards.  As the entire period runs from 1st January to 30th June, we know some of you may have already been inspected and have passed.

This is for those drivers who have not yet gone.

Maybe you’re a new vehicle owner and unsure of what’s expected of you.  Perhaps you failed last year.  Or, maybe you’ve just never quite paid attention to what is needed.  We want to help you pass this year’s inspection.

Here’s a short list to help you pass the 2020 vehicle inspection:


Your tyres should not be smooth or showing thread.  It would also be beneficial to have them at the correct inflation pressure.


Make sure your front headlamp and indicators are working properly. Brake light and reverse lights should also be in a good working condition.  Don’t forget to check your identification plate light because it’s often overlooked. It’s located above your license plate.


Give it a good blast to make sure it’s working well before you head off to the traffic department.


It’s easy to forget these unless it’s raining.  Be sure to check that they are wiping across the windshield.  Also, be sure the blades are not threading.


Ensure that you have them, or replace any visibly broken mirrors.



Your battery should be held secure by a clamp or bracket.


No oil leaks.  Check your engine for any leaks. Also, a clean appearance goes a long way.


Forget the inspection, road safety demands that you have good working brakes.  However,  having functional brakes will certainly help your vehicle pass at the traffic department.

Lastly, pay attention to the time assigned to your vehicle.  It’s best not to wait until the last day because the earlier you have your inspection done, the faster the process will be.  The day of the deadline is sure to have a backlog of motorists.

We hope you have a hassle-free visit that results in passing the inspection.

Do be safe on the roads.