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Join the Celebration! Visit Carriacou for Kayak Mas 2024

by Lou-Ann Jordan Feb 5, 2024

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With Grenada celebrating its 50th anniversary of independence, there’s a lot taking place on the island. Now, we add yet another celebration to the tri-island’s lineup—Kayak Carnival 2024. The annual carnival is held on 12 and 13 February.

Carnival on Grenada’s sister isle, Carriacou, is quite popular throughout the islands. Some would say its popularity is due to the organisers’ maintenance of the island’s heritage. While masqueraders do frolic in pretty costumes enhanced with a multitude of glitter, the traditional practices make Kayak Mas special.

One particularly remarkable portrayal unique to the Carriacou carnival is Shakespeare Mas. It features the loveable Pierrots. Masked and brightly clad characters, the pierrots recite Shakespearean plays in a competition for accuracy. What’s the prize? Well, mainly avoiding a quick rap with a stick from an opposing pierrot.

With many fun activities having started in January and continuing over the next couple of weeks, there’ll be many opportunities to witness the pierrots at play. Of course, visitors can also anticipate catching a glimpse of the terrifying jab jab.

Whether you call Pure Grenada home or are a visitor, you can hop on the ferry and head across to participate in the Kayak Mas 2024 festivities.

Here’s a look at the upcoming activities for this month.

7 February 2024

Event: Final Road Show

Place: Hillsborough

Time: 8pm

8 February 2024

Majestic Thursday

Event: Queens Show

Place: Hillsborough

Time: 9pm

9 February 2024

Bacchanal Friday

Events: Kiddies Frolic and Soca/Groovy Monarch

Place: Hillsborough Playing Field

Time: 1pm and 8pm

10 February 2024

Event: Soca Fete

Place: Hillsborough Playing Field

Time: 10pm

11 February 2024

Event: Camboulay De Marche Gras

Place: Botanical Gardens

Time:  8pm

12 February 2024

Events: J’ouvert, Parade of the Bands and Monday Night Mas

Place: Main Street, Hillsborough

Times: 5am, 2pm and 9pm

13 February 2024

Event: Shakespeare, Parade of Bands and Last Lap

Places: Mt. Royal, Six Roads, and Hillsborough

Times: 8pm, 3pm and 6pm

You can visit Carriacou and Petite Martinique Carnival Committee on Facebook for more information.