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Looking For Easter Activities for the Kids? Check Our 2023 Easter Camps List

by Lou-Ann Jordan Mar 20, 2023

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Every Easter the kids are on a break from school, and while as a parent you want them to enjoy the brief reprieve from studying, we know you would rather they didn’t just sit at home.

That’s where the traditional Easter camp comes into play. As always, it offers your little ones and teenagers a balanced combination of fun, relaxation, meaningful and, dare we say it, academic activities. Typically, some camps focus exclusively on the creative arts engaging their attendees in a variety of artistic pursuits, while others may predominantly afford extracurricular activities like swimming. Then still others incorporate some scholastic endeavours though not to the extent that it diminishes your child’s need for a break.

This Easter holiday there are several camps from which you can choose to enrol your children. Most of them begin the first week in April and run for a week or two. It’s an excellent way to get the kids away from their devices, out making new friends and exploring new interests.

In the event you’re looking for fun Easter activities or annual Easter camps but haven’t come across the flyers, we’ve scoured the internet for you. 

Here’s a list of some of the 2023 Easter Camps in Grenada.

Kids Easter Camp 2023 with Jadie’s Edible Delights

Here’s a camp that the whole family will enjoy…remember they will bring home their baked goodies, but back to the point at hand. Over eight days, the 3, 4, 5, 6, 11 and 12 of April the kids will engage in baking and decorating classes for which supplies will be provided. They will try their hands at baking and decorating cheesecakes, cupcakes, cakesicles, cake pops and more. Guided by Jadie’s Edible Delight camp administrators, your young ones will learn to measure ingredients, bake, decorate treats and make edible decorations. The camp is for children ages six and older. For costs and to register you can contact [email protected]. You can also call or send a WhatsApp message to (473)-417-8536.

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Ms Belgrave Childcare & Learning Center Kids Easter Camp 2023

While the kids are at home you may want to ensure they get some work done while still having fun. Ms Belgrave Childcare & Learning Center Easter camp offers just that! Your child will have a chance to strengthen their Mathematics and still enjoy some fresh air and exercise. As organisers have partnered with Deb Eastwood of Get Grenada Swimming, swimming lessons will also be part of the daily activities. Yay! If that wasn’t enough, the kids can look forward to an Easter hunt and much more. The camp will be held from the 3 to 14 April at the Grand Anse, Youth Centre between the hours of 8am and 3pm. With the ages ranging from three to 11 years old, aftercare is provided at a cost. You can email [email protected] or call (473)-404-2596 for costs or register.

YWCA Grenada Easter Programme 2023

The YWCA Easter Programme 2023 will begin on 3 April and run until 14 April 2023. Children aged five to 11 are invited to participate, and organisers will facilitate aftercare. This will be a camp that helps your child develop or brush up on their artistic abilities. They will enjoy arts and crafts, and other fun creative activities. An exciting treasure hunt is also on the schedule—such fun! You can access information on costs and registration by emailing [email protected] or calling (473)-440-1647/458-3946.   

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EGYC Kids Easter Camp 2023

The EGYC Kids Easter Camp invites your young ones, tweens, and teenagers to two weeks of fun, creative outdoor activities. The camp runs from 3 – 14 April 2023 for children ages five to 15. The EGYC Kids Easter Camp occurs each year, so you can browse their gallery to view the smiling faces of campers from the previous year. We imagine those happy faces reflect the joy of participating in various outdoor games, field trips, sporting activities and more. Also, breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided. Additionally, transportation is arranged with Ariza in St. George and Kalico in Grenville as the collection points. The buses collect campers between 7 and 7:30am and return them at approximately 5:30pm. You can visit www.elvirasgardengrenada.com or call (473)-419-3403/444-3586/422-1771 to register.

This Easter holiday get the kids out of the house! Let them run freely, create happily, and build new interests and friendships.