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Looking For Something Different This Spicemas? Check Out These Top Five Spots

by Lou-Ann Jordan Aug 10, 2019

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Grenada’s Spicemas 2019 is here!

Over the past few weeks, there have been numerous events all seeming to build the anticipation of Carnival Monday and Tuesday.  The tension is almost palpable as revellers await the opportunity to flood the streets, unchecked.

It is an exciting time in the country.  However, some prefer to spend the holiday engaging in more relaxing activities. 

We’ve got you. For you, Grenada carnival is a chance to enjoy a sweet escape into nature.

As your local go-to for information, we’ve created a list of nature spots that will get take you away from it all, as you explore your country.  Now, bear in mind, it may require you hop on the ferry to get to your destination or meet up a few ‘black and greasy’ Jab Jabs along the way. 

Also, this list can come in pretty handy after carnival when looking for things to do in Grenada.

Here are our top five picks to visit if you’re seeking a quiet carnival holiday.

Morne Rouge (BBC) Beach

It’s unlikely you’ll find masqueraders making their way to this beach on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.  Tucked behind Quarantine Point, it’s the perfect getaway-from-it-all site.  The beach’s picturesque view, calm aquamarine waters, and soft white sand will revitalise you. 

Walk with your favourite book, rent a lounge chair and soak up the sun.  You can even rent a kayak and glide along the clear, shallow waters or up your game a bit and engage in SUP (Stand Up Paddle surfing).

Grand Etang Lake

Hop in your vehicle and head to Grand Etang Lake for a family picnic.  With your windows down, drive along the winding curves with its welcoming lush greenery on either side.  Breathe in the crisp, clean, invigorating air and feel the tension roll off your shoulders.  

Grand Etang offers seclusion and a chance for your family to enjoy some quality time together.  Keep in mind; you may encounter some Spicemas action to and from the lake.  Also, you’re likely to meet others like you in search of a little getaway.


Paradise Beach

After you get off the ferry and have had a moment to regroup head to Paradise Beach.  If you’re not familiar with the island, hire a tour guide.  Located on the west coast, Paradise Beach is a long stretch of sparkling turquoise waters, breaking gently against soft, white powdery sand.

You can enjoy a relaxing day on the beach swimming in the calm, quiet waters of the Caribbean Sea.  Also, you can grab your snorkelling gear and explore the underwater world.  Walk with food and refreshments for the family or use the facilities on the beach to purchase meals.

White Island

No man is an island. That’s true, but for some of us, the Carnival holidays is the perfect time to seek out some seclusion.   Moreover, who says having an island all to yourself is a bad thing?  Live out your “castaway” fantasy.  Head southwestwardly to find this little island getaway. White sand and clear turquoise waters that fade beautifully into navy tones line the shore.

Enjoy a bit of coral reef exploration with the family. The White Island Marine Park is vibrant with sea life, so you’re guaranteed to enjoy the snorkelling.   After all that swimming you’re sure to be hungry.  However, you’ll have to hop back on the boat and head across to the mainland to find a restaurant.

Sandy Island

Once on Carriacou, plan a family day trip to Sandy Island.  The cay stands out among deserted Caribbean islands.  It is a short strip of white sand and shady palm trees with turquoise water gently lapping against the shore. Recently declared a marine protected area there are currently no facilities on the cay.  As such, you’ll have to walk with food and refreshments. 

To get across to Sandy Island will require a boat trip.  You can contact any of the local tour operators for assistance. 

This Spicemas, why not revel in the beauty and serenity of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.   Our list is not exhaustive but if tranquillity is what you’re seeking then choose from among any of those we’ve listed. 

However, remember whichever site you visit, leave only footprints.

Have a safe Carnival.