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Plan for This Mother’s Day: Read Tips on How to Get Your Mum a Gift She’ll Actually Like

by Lou-Ann Jordan Apr 29, 2019

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A mother’s love is a beautiful thing. It’s unconditional and enduring.

Without question, we must acknowledge the devotion and care we receive from our mothers. Fortunately, we have commemoratory days like Mother’s Day.  For some of us, we need the reminder they provide in helping us stop and our gratitude in a special way.

Now, there are those times when even with the reminder we can still forget.  Has a Mother’s Day ever caught you off guard?  Maybe you forgot to plan for it, so the day saw you searching for flowers at the last minute.  Or, perhaps you had to settle with merely calling mum.  We know she still appreciated the call, after all, she’s mum.

But, let’s do things differently this year.  With careful planning, and you have the time, you can treat her to something that’s truly meaningful.  This year let there be no more mad dashes for flowers or a box of chocolate.

We know, some of you are better at planning.  However, don’t get mum another mug.  Why not get her something she can genuinely appreciate—something that actually makes her feel special, thought of.

Yello’s here to tell you how.  As you plan for Mother’s Day these five tips will help you “wow” your mum for more than just one day.

The 5 Love Languages®

Find out what’s her love language.  Don’t know what we’re talking about?  Do a google search for Gary Chapman. The American author has been revolutionising relationships with his novel, The 5 Love Languages®.

In his book, Chapman purports that people connect with others in five different ways: quality time, acts of service, words of affirmation, receiving gifts, and physical affection.  He suggests that it’s beneficial to relationships to determine and engage our loved ones in the specific way they feel loved.

Get the book, or check online and have mum do the test.  Then use it as a guide in your Mother’s Day plan.  It may surprise you to learn that spending an hour with your mum makes her feel more loved than buying her the newest kitchen appliance.

Redeemable Coupons

Mugs, flowers, chocolate are great gifts but not lasting.  Why not pay close attention to what your mum needs to be done around the house.  You can make a list.  Then create redeemable coupons for specific tasks or activity.  You can even throw in a few “quality time” coupons.

The best thing about this gift is that you can date the coupons according to your availability.

Dinner for Two

Mums have favourite meals too; it’s just that they spend more time preparing ours.

Determine what your mother’s favourite and make preparations.  On Mother’s Day, you can treat her to the delicious serving of her dish.  And, because you’re planning ahead can either get practice in the kitchen or research restaurants.  You can undertake the meal yourself, or make reservations at a restaurant that serves up a delectable offering.

Movie Night

What about a movie night with mum?  Does your mum have a favourite movie?  Ask her, bear in mind it just might be a black and white film, and then plan a movie night.

Prepare for the night. Get her favourite snacks, and get cosy with you mummy.

Family Photo Shoot

It’s all about making memories that will last.  And, mother’s love photos of their children.  So, plan a photo shoot with siblings and grandchildren, if there are any.

Have fun with it.  You can plan the shoot around a theme. Two neat ideas are wearing matching colours and staging an activity.


Do things differently this Mother’s Day.  Treat your mum to a memorable experience; one that she will genuinely enjoy because you’ve put a lot of care and planning into it.


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