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Planning a Romantic Dinner This Valentine’s Day? Check Out These Fantastic Restaurants

by Lou-Ann Jordan Feb 13, 2020

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How can you tell?  Well, the enormous red hearts displayed in showcases, the romantic playlists being proffered on the airwaves by our local deejays, and the odd person carrying flowers are clear indicators.

If each year, this day leaves you a bit anxious because you’re uncertain how to treat that ‘special’ person, we’re here to help.

We’ve got a perfect way to express your love.  And, because we really should show love and care all year round, our idea is unpretentious but entirely meaningful.

After a long day at work, let’s not forget this is not a public holiday, what could be better than a lovely dinner.  And, the best part is, this can be for two, a family, or a group of friends.

Now you may be wondering, where?  Don’t worry; we’ll help. After all, we are your local go-to for information. 

Grenada has several charming restaurants that offer delicious cuisine and soothing ambience.  And, this Valentine’s Day many of them will provide a little extra ‘something’ for their patrons.   

Here’s a list of restaurants you may consider.  You can review our list, and call to make a reservation.

Cayenne Restaurant

Located in Mont Tout, the recently opened Cayenne’s is a quaint restaurant that is easily accessed.  And, on Friday you can treat your beloved to a delightful three-course dinner with a complimentary special Valentine’s Day dessert.  And to top it off, you can look forward to the live band.  

Contact Cayenne for more information.

Oliver’s Restaurant

Offering a captivating view of Grand Anse Beach, Spice Island Beach Resort’s Oliver Restaurant is the perfect choice for a romantic V-day dinner.

This Valentine’s Day, couples can embark on a fabulous dining experience. The restaurant will feature a special buffet dinner menu for the night.   Treat your sweetheart to delectable selections of potages, salads and entrees.  Oliver’s will help you make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable!

Call to book your reservation.

Laura’s at Grenada Marine

It’s not only Valentine’s Day; it’s also the end of the weekend.  It’s two excellent reasons to hit your ‘go-slow’ button after a hectic week.  We recommend a drive to Laura’s in St. Corinth for a lovely, romantic dinner, and some stargazing. 

To enquire about their menu options for the night, call 443-1064.

Petite Anse Hotel & Restaurant

So you’re planning an evening that is intimate for you and your Valentine.  Well, why not head south to Petite Anse Restaurant? 

Tucked away on the southern coastline, the in-house restaurant of the Petite Anse Boutique Hotel will provide you with a choice feast–one you’re unlikely to forget. For this internationally-recognised day of love, dinner guests can look forward to choosing either the restaurant’s special one-course, two-course or three-course menu.  And, after dining, a stroll on the moonlit beach will be a perfect close to the evening.

Click here to view the menu.

There are many other restaurants throughout the island, offering select dining options for Valentine’s Day.  Visit our Restaurant listing on findyello.com and call around.

We wish you and your special someone a Happy Valentine’s Day!