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Power Your Monday: It’s Time to Mix It and Match It

by Lou-Ann Jordan Sep 23, 2019

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It’s another Monday morning.

You open your closet and feel dejected by what you see.  You’re tired of wearing the same outfits week after week.  However, before you hit ‘checkout’ on the shopping bag you’ve been steadily adding to, let us help.

This week Yello and Image by Anastasia Nicole (IBAN) bring to you Power Your Monday: Mix and Match.

We will share ideas that allow you to bring your creativity to your attire.  Get excited about mixing and matching some of your favourite pieces.  We want to help you take a look at your wardrobe and create eye-catching sets that leave you feeling, unstoppable. Moreover, you wouldn’t have had to spend a cent.

Before we jump into the styles, let’s have a brief lesson on the colour theory.  You’ll find it very useful when pairing outfits.  Take a look at the colour wheel, and let’s begin.

An essential element of colour theory is colour harmonising.  It involves knowing which colours work or don’t work together, as well as how colours communicate. 

Colours tend to be divided into warm or cool tones.  A line drawn through the centre of the colour wheel will create the distinction.  In terms of colour communication, warm colours are associated with vitality, brightness or action.  While cooler hues suggest calm, peace and serenity.

When pairing separates, two colour scheme principles, complementary and analogous, can be very beneficial.  Complementary colours are opposite each other on the colour wheel, while related colours appear next to each other.

Try pairing complementary colours when mixing and matching your clothing.  Wearing complementary colours creates a striking look. 

An orange blouse with a blue skirt or a violet shirt with yellow pants exemplifies this.

When applying the analogous principle, you can select colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel.  This means you can wear a combination of pink, purple and blue.  However, use one of the colours as an accent. 

Take a look at your wardrobe. Can you divide your clothing into warm and cool colours?  Do you have pieces that will allow you to create complementary or analogous looks?  No?  Don’t worry, keep it in mind next time you’re shopping.

Your Mix and Match Style Guide by IBAN

Here are Nicole’s practical ideas on how you can go about mixing and matching.  In addition to the colours, she also has suggested different types of apparel.  Remember, the golden rule in whatever you choose to wear is to make sure it compliments your body type.

Mix classic and modern

Here’s an opportunity to mix a classic piece with something funky and contemporary.  Pair tailored pants or a pencil skirt with a chic cape-blazer.  In terms of colour, you can maintain neutral hues.  Alternatively, you can temper a bit of bold colour with a white cape blazer.  Also, you can use your accessories to wade in the vast pool of colour that’s available to you.  Have fun!

Complementary colour blocking

Who says you have to wear several pieces to achieve complementary colour blocking?  You can choose a single piece of clothing that offers dynamic patterns of harmonising colours and continue the trend with your accessories.  However, you can also select individual pieces of clothing in opposite colours.  To successfully colour block an outfit select colours that are opposite each other. 

Analogous mix and match

This type of colour combination can present a bit of a challenge, but don’t be intimidated.   Keep in mind that it’s all about partnering colours, at the most three, that appear alongside each on the colour wheel.  Another tip is to stick within either warm or cool colour categories. So, you can dabble with shades of green. 

At this point, we hope we’ve been able to convince you to take another look in your closet.  There may be a few items you can mix and match. 

Continue to step into each Monday looking fabulous. And, meet us back here next week for more styles to add to your capsule wardrobe.

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