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Power Your Monday with a Silhouette—Wear That Little Black Dress!

by Lou-Ann Jordan Sep 9, 2019

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It’s Monday morning, and you need a little boost as you head into your week.  It’s unclear what the week will bring, possibly the usual: deadlines, targets, meeting and presentations. 

Whatever may come your way, Yello and Image by Anastasia Nicole are here to help you step into it projecting quiet confidence, and enthralling elegance. 

So what will you wear? Well, nothing speaks poise and sophistication like a silhouette!

When choosing a dress silhouette, the key thing to note is whether it compliments your body shape.  It’s never a good idea to select a style because your favourite celebrity wore it.

Some popular types of silhouettes are shifts, fit and flares, Peggys, and sheaths.  Now, remember it is always best to wear a dress that best suits your body type.  Still, sheath dresses are a perfect choice for office wear; when paired with pumps, they make a powerful statement. 

And, in case you’re wondering what exactly is a sheath dress. Sheaths are dresses that are cut straight and narrow.  They tend to fit close to the body and fall below the knee, but not past mid-calf.

Stride into your week and command everyone’s attention.  Select a sheath dress that will enhance and distract, allowing you to exude self-assurance and grace.

Here are Nicole’s picks and tips for this Monday’s silhouette.

Image by Anastasia Nicole top picks

Try a retro, but timeless, 1950s style. A pencil dress offers a classic fit.  And, infuse some colour.  Red or burgundy can make both you and your pencil dress quite eye-catching.

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Step into Monday with a silhouette that distracts your critics.  Wrap or colour block dresses are excellent ways to camouflage midsection bulkiness, and it’s even better when you can get the two in one dress. 

Also, choose colours that project the attitude you want to have.  For example, green symbolises progress and rebirth, while grey suggests balance. This Monday we’re emanating stability and progression. 

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Are you feeling a bit whimsical?  Opt for a floral print.  It will soften the classic cut of a sheath dress.  Also, diversify by adding a jacket, cardigan, shawl or even a belt.  Those are simple ways to create exciting, trendy options for varying events.  

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Nothing says bold, confident and sophisticated like an LBD (little black dress).  It’s something everyone woman should have in her closet. Choose a midi sheath dress, and add some flare with a belt.  It will help emphasise the contours of your figure.  Alternatively, a try a dress with cut-outs or a peek-a-boo feature—but remember it’s still business wear, so keep it to a minimum.  

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Armed with these trendsetting options, we hope you’re a little more motivated to step into Monday.  Whatever you wear, have fun and look fabulous!  And, be undaunted by all the week has to offer.

Meet us back here with next Monday’s style suggestions.

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