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Spicemas 2019 is Here! Before You Hit the Road Check Out This Line up of Activities

by Lou-Ann Jordan Aug 5, 2019

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August for many Grenadians may very well be the most anticipated month of the year.

Each year, the passing of the first half of the year is eagerly awaited.  The end of July is impatiently looked-for, as it signals that carnival is drawing closer.

Actually, with the Spicemas Corporation (SMC) having launched carnival back in May, it has been an exciting build-up to Spicemas 2019.  Since then our airwaves have been booming the catchy beats of our local artistes.  Of course, as the time draws closer ace performers drop new songs with the skill of a domino player out to win. 

Meanwhile, the island seems to be bursting at its seams as first-time visitors and returning Carnival fanatics ‘touch down.’ Also, debates, sometimes heated, ensue about which artiste is most deserving of this year’s Soca and Groovy Monarch titles. Whoever wins gets a year’s worth of bragging rights to which they can look forward.

Then there are the Jab Jab aficionados.  For them, the carnival festivities boil down to one question: oil or paint—or possibly charcoal?  Whichever chosen, each year, onlookers are treated to a long-held tradition.  Adults and children alike cautiously enjoy their antics and the imaginative tales their blackened bodies and peculiar accessories tell. 

Spicemas 2019 is guaranteed to be an exciting show for all.  The spectrum of activities is far and wide—from heart-pumping soca shows to a more sedate queen competition.  

Here’s a line up for Spicemas 2019 upcoming events:

National Carnival Queens Show

Date: Thursday 8 August

Venue: Spice Basket

SMC Groovy/Soca Monarch Final

Date: Friday 9 August

Venue: National Stadium

SMC/NLA National Panorama

Date: Saturday 10 August

Venue: National Stadium

Dimanche Gras

Date: Sunday 11 August

Venue: National Stadium

J’ouvert, and Monday Night Mas

Date: Monday 12 August

Venue: St. George’s

Carnival Pageant

Date: Monday 12 August

Venue: Tanteen Playing Field

Parade of Bands and Last Lap

Date: Monday 13 August

Venue: St. George’s

For more information on Spicemas 2019, visit the official website.

We wish you a safe and enjoyable carnival Grenada.