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Stop Searching and Start Finding: The Top Auto Care and Parts Businesses on the Island Are all On Find Yello

by Lou-Ann Jordan Mar 20, 2023

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Findyello article with top auto care services in Grenada with image of mechanic smiling.

We all want to drive a vehicle that’s in top shape, one that looks and feels good on the road. You know, when your paint job is still intact and the paint on your bonnet hasn’t been scorched by the sun. Also, what about when you switch on the ignition and with a gentle purr your vehicle starts or when it runs smoothly on the road, taking corners and inclines like a champ, and comes to a halt without a mishap? Also, what of noises? Isn’t it wonderful when there are no strange noises to cause alarm, and if it does make noise, it’s nothing out of the ordinary for the age of your vehicle?

Well, whether you’re driving a new vehicle or a faithful well-used one, regular servicing, timely changing of parts and a paint job does wonders. However, to get to that means you’ll need a knowledgeable auto mechanic, one you can rely on to do the job efficiently and on time.

Where do you begin? Well, first your Find Yello listing, offers two options. For those that have a book at hand, you can browse the White Pages for the number once you know the name of the auto shop. If you don’t then you can flip to the back of the book for the Yellow Pages. Alternatively, you can hop back to the home page and enter the name of the business in the search bar. Either option is effective, yet we wanted to make it even easier.

Here’s a list of auto mechanics, body shops and auto parts dealers in Grenada. You can browse our list and give them a call:


Findyello article with top auto care services in Grenada with image of mechanic working on an engine.

Eye’s Auto Body Repairs Company Ltd

Located in Paradise, Eye’s Auto Body repairs and rebuilds damaged vehicles and equipment. They fix dents and ruptures and have been recognised for offering great bodywork and service.

Khemraj’s Garage

When looking for body repair or to repaint, check Khemraj’s Garage. They work with all types of vehicles and their services also include plastic welding on bumpers, chairs etc. Also, they’re easily accessed, as you’ll find them in Woodlands, St. George.

JTS Auto Source

Whether you’re a resident or visitor of Carriacou and experiencing vehicle trouble then head to JTS Auto Source in Brunswick.  JTS is a full-service automotive repair shop that offers a wide range of services. You can get your electrical, brake, chassis, fuel, emission, cooling systems and more checked and serviced. They also stock spare parts and accessories.

Romel’s Transmission Clinic – Garage

Romel’s Transmission Clinic which is in Mt. Gay specialises in transmission repair, diagnostic scans, general auto repairs, auto parts sales and more. They even offer towing services. With over 25 years of experience, they have the expertise to handle any transmission, auto body or mechanical repair.


Findyello article with top auto care services in Grenada with image of various car parts and supplies

Dollar Savers Auto Parts

Dollar Saver Auto Parts supplies a wide range of auto parts for different vehicle makes and models. They also cater to Japanese models and offer special orders from Japan. To access their vast inventory and affordable prices, drop in on them in Mt. Gay. 

Golden Auto

Golden Auto in Grenville, St. Andrews offers a comprehensive stock of auto supplies and accessories. Visit them for clutches, pressure plates, electronic equipment, engine mounts, belts, exhaust pipes, bulbs, bushings, fuses, projected lights, tire protectants, bearings, mats, rack ends and suspension parts. They have everything your vehicle needs.

Knight’s Auto World

Knight’s Auto World warmly welcomes you to an expansive collection of automobile parts for all vehicle makes and models. Go to Knight’s on Lowther’s Lane to get those hard-to-find parts, and the best part is at affordable prices.

Pegs Enterprises Ltd

Situated in Lance Aux Espines, Pegs Enterprises is known for supplying premium car parts. They specialise in all BMW service parts, Japanese and European manufactured cars. Additionally, they facilitate special ordering, and while there you can get your car washed.

SP’s International Trading Ltd

SP’s International Trading Ltd supplies automotive solutions through the most reputable brands. Find brands such as MAG 1®, ABRO®, H/S, Audiopipe®, Rockford Fosgate®, Little Trees®, Interstate Batteries® and Turtle Wax®. Head over to Springs or to Melville Street for engine oils, automotive accessories, batteries, and car care.

Three O’s Auto Supplies Inc

Three O’s Auto offers the very best in automotive parts and accessories. They specialise in both Japanese and American parts. Their inventory comprises Daikin® clutch disc and clutch cover, brakes pads, water pumps, radiators, spark plugs and oil, air and fuel filters. At either of their locations, Grand Anse and Melville Street, you can also find car mats, seat covers, speakers, CD players and more.


There you have it! These are some of the local businesses that can help you either keep or get your vehicle running optimally. Also, do remember vehicle inspection is in progress. If you haven’t had your vehicle inspection yet, it’s best to check them before you do.