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The Best Places to Visit: Grenada’s Underwater Sea Sculpture Park

by Lou-Ann Jordan Feb 19, 2024

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The Caribbean islands are abuzz with carnivals, music festivals, and Golden Jubilee celebrations. Grenada stands out among the others as the region’s current entertainment hub. First, we celebrated our 50th anniversary of independence in grand style, and festivities will continue throughout the year. Kayak Mas 2024 was another large draw, with many heading off to the sister isle to experience a truly traditional mas. Next month, sports enthusiasts can get ready to cheer on local and other Caribbean athletes at the 2024 Carifta Games. Then, Reggae Fest will quickly follow the CARIFTA Games in our extended Golden Jubilee celebrations.

Whether you live here or are visiting, you may need a break between all that’s happening, and we have just the thing. Grenada is known for its incredibly beautiful scenery on the island. However, our underwater is equally scenic and has been trending since last year. Much of the attention is due to the figures added to our already one-of-a-kind underwater sculpture park.

Located on Grenada’s western coast, the Molinere Bay Underwater Sculpture Park was created in 2006 by award-winning British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor.  The first of its kind, the park now boasts 75 sculptured figures. The works include Vicissitudes, a ring of children holding hands; The Last Correspondent, a man sitting at his desk with a typewriter; and The Coral Carnival, various traditional carnival characters. The latter collection was added in 2023, expanding the exhibition to include Jab Jab, Short Knee, Wild Indian, Fancy Mas, and other characters. In addition to these incredible underwater statues, you’ll also have a chance to view the graceful and vibrant marine life in the waters of the bay up close.

The underwater sculpture park is a thrilling experience you can’t afford to miss out on. It has even earned a place among National Geographic’s Eight Wonders of the World. Marine protected, the entire area covers 800 square meters and can be easily accessed by scuba diving, snorkelling or scenic glass bottom boats. Several local guides arrange tours of the site.

If you’re interested in booking a tour of the site, then search your Findyello, “Tours Sightseeing & Excursions” or “Tourist Attractions & Amusement” listings for a local guide.