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This Independence, We’re Keeping It Traditional. Here’s How to Make Gospo Juice

by Lou-Ann Jordan Feb 6, 2023

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As we celebrate our 49th anniversary of independence, one thing is certain: most of us will be eating our tasty local dish, oil down. Of course, there are many options in terms of beverages, but one stands out above the rest. It’s also one of the local drinks in Grenada that the whole family can enjoy.

For many Grenadian, Independence Day prompts us to return to our traditions. So, a plate of delicious oil down is followed by a tall glass of gospo juice. Yes, oil down with chilled gospo juice is one of the customs we hold on to dearly. If you’re not Grenadian you may be wondering, what’s gospo. It’s a bitter orange that is very similar to Seville oranges.

These bitter oranges are bountiful on the island and most of us grew up using the pulp to make refreshing drinks. Now, gospo juice isn’t restricted to any specific time. Once the fruit is in season, you’ll find the juice in many households. However, there is something that’s decidedly Grenadian to have it follow a plate of our famous oil-down on Independence Day.

If you’re new to the island or simply not familiar with the drink. Here’s a recipe for you to try.

Grenada Gospo Juice


3 medium-sized gospo oranges

1 teaspoon mixed or vanilla essence

½ teaspoon Angostura bitters


Sugar (to taste)


In a jug, squeeze oranges, leaving the pulp but removing and discarding the seeds. Add water, using enough to dilute the bitterness of the orange to the desired strength. Next, add essence, bitters, and sugar to taste. Serve chilled. 

This Independence Day, give it a try. We’re sure it’s likely to become a favourite. In addition to being refreshing, it’s also very economical.

Happy Independence!