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Tips for an Effective Remarketing Campaign

by Yello Oct 1, 2019

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Remarketing, when well-executed, is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. That is because the entire principle of remarketing is rooted in the belief that if someone previously showed interest in your brand, they are far more likely to be convinced to buy later.

In other words, remarketing is the practice of targeting individuals who have previously shown interest in your products and services, either by visiting your website or actually making a purchase. And when done well, it can yield significant results, including increased customer retention, engagement, as well as brand loyalty. Keep reading for a few tips to execute an effective remarketing campaign.

  • Target High-Value Customers – While remarketing broadly relates to anyone who has shown some type of interest in your product and services, not all interest is the same. In other words, a customer who only came to your homepage and quickly left is not as valuable as one who got as far as the pricing and product/service description pages. If the budget is limited, it’s best to focus remarketing efforts on individuals who made it a lot further down the sales funnel. That is, persons who may have made it all the way to the check-out page and for whatever reason, didn’t complete the purchase. And of course, individuals who previously made a purchase because you obviously convinced them once before, which increases the likelihood of your being able to do it again.
  • Focus on High Performing Campaigns – Remarketing also sometimes involves reusing previous successful ad campaigns. Much like the assumption that if someone previously showed interest in your brand, they’d be easier to convince to buy again, the thinking is that if an ad campaign was successful before, it is likely it will be again. Reusing high performing campaigns does not mean simply taking an old campaign and throwing it back out exactly as is but more so duplicating a strategy that previously worked. For example, say your company is a shoe retailer that executed a Back to School campaign the previous year that yielded significant results. It stands to reason that the next time a new school year rolls around, you should implement this same campaign again. A note of caution, there is a shelf life for this strategy as eventually, the campaign will become a bit dated and predictable to individuals.
  • Ensure High-Quality Ads – This should be obvious but unfortunately, some businesses do falter on this very important aspect. Ensure that all ads used in a remarketing campaign are of the highest quality. This includes ensuring they are relevant to the specific audience you are targeting, that the design is consistent with your branding, e.g. the look and feel matches that of your website and ensure that there is always a compelling call to action.
  • Create Remarketing Lists for Each Product/Service Category – Most businesses offer a variety of product and/or service offerings and by that token, while most customers are interested in one particular product/service offering, does not mean they are interested in others. And so, another essential tip for an effective remarketing campaign is to create lists specific to each product/service category your business offers. For example, say as a recruitment company your business offers the following services – resume writing, interview development, professional advice, etc. It is likely that someone may only be interested in your resume writing service but not the other service options. Developing remarketing lists for customers who solely want one thing helps you target better and reach the right audience for the right product/service.
  • Strike a Balance – It’s important to not be too pushy in your remarketing efforts. That means not inundating a new customer with related offerings, just days after they’ve made a purchase. Or sending multiple emails to an individual days after they’ve viewed your website. The key is to strike a balance where you reach the individual when interest is still high but not so immediate that they feel overwhelmed. Anywhere between a 30 to 90 day period is ideal for initiating a remarketing campaign towards individuals who have shown interest in your brand, in one way or another.

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