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Within Our Borders: Meet the Mobile Baker Ulric Weekes

by Lou-Ann Jordan Oct 3, 2022

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Photo courtesy of Ulric Weekes.

Someone once said that ‘homemade is the best made’, and for the past eight years, Weekes Flour Fingers have proven that statement to be true. 

The Trinidadian baker is perfectly positioned as it’s a time when consumers are more inclined than ever to purchase organic foods and products. Ulric Weekes has built a solid customer base by offering several types of tasty homemade bread and other delicacies via his mobile bakery. Each week, his ‘regulars’ look forward to seeing him stationed at the Aranguez Savanah with the delicious smell of warm, tasty goodies wafting through the air. 

Undoubtedly, Ulric’s mobile bakery is an example of the innovativeness occurring within our borders. Caribbean entrepreneurs like the San Juan-based baker transform traditional professions into something befitting the times. Our businesspeople are also charting new territories, as seen with our previously featured, Kenroy George, the Grenadian, Moroccan-based app developer.   

Here, Yello’s chat with Ulric about Weekes Flour Fingers’ start and its products, mobility and baking in general.

Photo courtesy of Ulric Weekes

How long have you been in the baking industry?

Officially, I entered the baking business about eight years ago, but I was baking many years before.

What made you first interested in baking?

I was interested in baking from a young age because I’ve always loved homemade food. Also, my father always encouraged us to make stuff instead of buying it. I grew to love it.

Can you briefly share how Weekes Flour Fingers got its start?

Weekes Flour Fingers started with baking and sharing with my neighbours and friends. Everyone loved it, and one day my wife suggested I sell what I made. Eventually, it became a business.

You’re known for your speciality loaves. What types do you offer?

I have a lot and more to come, but presently we offer coconut, garlic and herbs, pimento and cheese and pumpkin and carrot, to name a few.

Photo courtesy of Ulric Weekes.

What are the other bakery products offered by Weekes Flour Fingers?

Other baked goods that we create are sweet bread, banana bread and sponge cake. We’ll be adding a few more items very soon.

How do you determine what new products to add to your selection?

Usually, I add new products based on my customers’ feedback and requests.

Which part of the process do you most enjoy, and why?

I enjoy baking as well as the interactions with customers.

Your brand is innovative in that you’re mobile instead of a brick-and-mortar location. Was that part of your initial plan? If yes, why?

My plan was always to be mobile, going from place to place. However, one day, I would love to own a physical structure.

Photo courtesy of Ulric Weekes

You’re regularly stationed at Aranguez Savannah. Do you do pop-ups in other neighbourhoods, and if yes, where? 

Yes, my station is at Aranguez, but I drive around both Aranguez and El Socorro on some days.

What is one thing that has surprised you since embarking on your business venture?

The way that people respond to my products still surprises me. I often think I should have started the business a long time ago. The response I get humbles me, and God keeps me grounded because, without him, we are nothing.

What is one bit of advice that you’ve held on to over the years that continues to inspire you?

The advice that I’ve held on to over the years is that it’s not what others think about you but what you think about yourself that’s important. Also, work hard, remain humble and don’t forget to give thanks.

To check out Weekes Flour Fingers, visit them on Facebook, IG and TikTok.

Do you enjoy baking but wonder about which flour is best? We had the expert answer a few burning questions about flour.   

Photo courtesy of Ulric Weekes.

Let’s Talk Flour: A few tips from Weekes Flour Fingers.

Q: Is white flour the same as all-purpose flour?

A: There isn’t any difference between white flour and all-purpose flour. It’s the same.

Q: Is white flour as bad as they say?

A: White flour may not be as bad as some people, but healthier options are gluten-free flour, whole wheat, etc.

Q: What type of flour mixes best with whole wheat?

A: All-purpose flour mixes well with whole wheat.

Q: Self-rising flour vs adding the raising agents separately, which is best?

A: I prefer to add raising agents separately because it allows me to control my dough.

Did this article get you excited about baking? Do you need to pick up the ingredients? Before heading out, check your Find Yello supermarket and grocery listings and call first.

Also, be sure to look out for our next edition of Within our Borders.