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5 New Year Resolutions to Help Grow Your Business in 2020

by Yello Jan 6, 2020

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A new year means new goals, new opportunities and of course resolutions. However, New Year resolutions aren’t only limited to individual promises to lose ten pounds, be more positive, etc. Businesses too need to take stock of the previous year and make resolutions for the year ahead. Here are five New Year resolutions to help your business grow.

  • Re-evaluate Goals and Objectives and Set New, Realistic Ones – It is important to always set yearly goals and objectives. The first step for the New Year is to re-evaluate the ones that were set for the previous year, evaluate which were achieved, which were not and why. The next step is to then set goals and objectives for the current year. Some will be the same but there may be new issues, opportunities, competition, etc. that require updated ones. Remember to keep said goals and objectives realistic, so that they can be measurable and achievable.
  • Resolve to Audit Company Website and Social Media Pages Quarterly (i.e. every 3 months) – It is important to do an audit of your company website and social media pages regularly, to understand what is and isn’t working. Are customers and individuals leaving your website as soon as they arrive, does one page get more traffic than another? Regarding your social media accounts, is one platform more popular than another, what types of posts get the most engagement, etc.? An audit is also necessary to check for any broken links, out of date information, etc.
  • Develop a Blog or Resolve to be Consistent in Updating your Current One – Blogging is one of the most effective social media tools for businesses. According to Hubspot, B2B marketers that use blogs will receive 67% more leads than those that do not. There really is no downside to having a company blog. So if your business does not have one, resolve to start one this year. And if you do have one but perhaps have not been as diligent in updating, resolve to be more consistent with your content. It is important to note that a blog does not automatically mean written content. In fact, it is better for its success to diversify the content of your blog to include video, written content, images such as infographics, etc.
  • Resolve to Engage Customers throughout the Year – Customers, like anyone else, like to feel appreciated. Engage your customers throughout the year and not just when your business has a promotion or to send a generic Holiday Season card and they will thank you for it. Remember company anniversaries, customer birthdays, send Easter cards, Thank You notes if customers participated in some promotion, event, etc. Doing so will help establish a more personal connection with the consumer and significantly increase the likelihood of their being loyal to your business and brand.
  • Resolve to Engage Employees More – You’ve probably heard the saying, “Employees don’t quit jobs – they quit managers”. Employee engagement is essential to a business’ success. Happy employees mean better productivity. Research shows that employees whose managers consistently acknowledge their work are 5x more likely to stay at a company. Develop a greater sense of community in your company and a personal connection with employees by improving on your employee engagement efforts that worked last year and creating new ones this year.

Have a great and successful 2020 and as always, Yello is here to help in all your advertising needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business better succeed in the New Year.