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Diet Help: Getting Back on Track After the Holidays

by Stephanie Koathes Jan 6, 2020

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You’ve been watching your calories and sticking to your healthy eating plan. Everything was going well until the holidays! With all that good food around, it’s hard to stay on track with healthy eating.

You might feel like you’ve nullified all your hard work but don’t worry, you can get back on track no matter how badly you’ve slipped up.   

Ditch the guilt 

It doesn’t help if you beat yourself up about having had one slice of cake or one glass of wine too many. Life brings many joys and delicious food is one of them; you went, you tasted, you enjoyed. It’s over and done with so forget about feeling guilty.  

Get back to normal 

If you feel like you’ve failed and your weight loss efforts are doomed, it’s easy to keep the bad eating habits going. Instead, do a reset. Go back into your healthy eating routine straight away. You haven’t failed, but you will if you give up.  

benefits of drinking water

Start drinking water 

We all know how important water is to keep our bodies functioning. Drinking more water can also help you feel better after a binge by flushing out excess sodium which reduces bloating. Water also helps to curb your appetite, rev up your metabolism, and get your system moving again.  

Lean and complex 

After overindulging you might find yourself craving unhealthy foods more than usual. Try to ensure that your meals are full of vegetables, lean protein, and complex carbs. These kinds of foods will keep you satisfied and full which reduces the likelihood that you’re going to give in to cravings.  

Don’t punish yourself 

Try not to react to a diet slip up by going extra hard on cutting calories or working out. This might help you shed some pounds initially, but you’ll most likely gain them back. A reaction like this also sets up a negative pattern of weight gain and loss and can lead to anxiety and a poor relationship with food.  

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