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Four Tips That Will Make Shopping Online and Shipping Easier

by Lou-Ann Jordan Nov 6, 2023

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We know there are major benefits to shopping locally. For one, it’s convenient. You simply walk into whichever store and purchase what you like. Also, it boosts the economy because when you shop locally, you support homegrown businesses and your community. There’s also less guesswork as experts are on hand to explain or clarify. Another advantage is that it allows you to verify on the spot if the product is right for you. Yes, there are numerous benefits to buying locally.

However, realistically, there are times when we may need to shop online. When a particular item cannot be found on the local market, chances are you’ll have to scour the ‘net’ for it. Once you’ve located it and are sure of its quality and suitability, the question of how to get it to you arises. You’ll be surprised to know that the process is quite straightforward.

We wanted to provide you with simple steps you can follow to get your online packages to you with little or no hassle. So, here are several useful tips for ordering online and having your items shipped to you with ease.

Here’s how to shop online and ship your packages.

Research your item well. Reading reviews is an excellent way of determining whether the product quality you’re about to purchase is as advertised.

Don’t be afraid to shop around. Before committing, browse other online stores that may offer the product that you are looking to buy. You may discover that the quality, features, price, and reviews are better elsewhere.

Use secure sites. As more people shop online, internet scams have increased. It’s best to purchase on reputable sites as they offer more security. Additionally, check the trust seals or safety badges on the site from which you’re about to shop. You can also search online for shoppers’ reviews.

Sign up with a reliable shipping service. Once you’ve completed the other steps, you’re on your way. All you have to do is sign up for a local shipping service. Take a look at those that are around and what they have to offer. Check for sign-up or annual fees and shipping rates. Also, do ask if there is a fee for consolidating packages. The features to consider are competitiveness of rate, fast delivery and proximity, especially if you’re likely to use the “pick-up” service.

Now, if you’re wondering about the shipping process, we have got you covered. Here, we’ve outlined the typical procedure in five quick steps:

  1. Sign up with a shipping company, get a US address, and shop.
  2. Send items to your US address, which are then shipped to your country. Upon the arrival of your purchases at this US address, your shipping company should send notifications advising you of the status of your package.
  3. Log on to the shipping website and track package shipments. Most companies also ask that you upload a copy of your invoice to the system.
  4. Await notification. When your shipment arrives in your homeland, your shipping company should notify you. Generally, shipping companies handle and clear your package with Customs, though some require you to clear with Customs yourself. It’s important you know exactly what their services entail before signing up and shipping.
  5. Collect the package or opt to have it delivered, and make the final payment.

Shopping online has never been easier. With these steps, you can easily access products online and have them shipped to you. If you’re shopping for large items, then check out our tips on shipping bulk items. Also, to sign up with a local shipping company, search your Findyello “Shipping Agenices & Agents” listing.

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