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Looking For Something To Do This Weekend? Choose Any of These Seven Outdoor Activities

by Lou-Ann Jordan Jun 10, 2019

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Why spend your weekend confined within four walls?  Look out the window? There is much to see and do.

Let’s explore in Guyana.  Weekends present the perfect time to do so.  So, go grab your gear—make sure water is among the items you pack because you do want to stay hydrated and step outside.  There’s much to do, and we’ve provided a list.

We’ve sought out a variety of activities ranging from uber relaxing to heart pumping, for you to try.  Our list is guaranteed to keep you busy for a few weekends.  Here are seven activities for you to give a go.  Select one or try a few, whatever you decide, have fun.


Guyana is home to vast species of birds, some of which are endangered.  As a novice or seasoned birdwatcher, you can view a wide range of parrots and toucans as well as the Harpy Eagle, Orange-Breasted Falcons, White-Winged Potoo, Cayenne Jay and Red-Bellied Macaw.

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Kaieteur National Park.  Now, we are talking about bird watching, and there is much to see at the park, yet we cannot neglect to boast a bit about our mighty Kaieteur Falls.  It is the largest single drop waterfall in the world by the sheer volume of water flowing over the mountain.  It is four times higher than Niagara Falls, measuring 822ft in total.  What a sight to behold! Let the Kaieteur National Park be on your list of places to visit.


Turtle Watching

Our shores are home to the Leatherback, Green, Hawksbill and Olive Ridley turtles, which are listed as critically endangered worldwide. These turtles are reportedly experiencing population growth, which is recorded and tracked. This turtle population growth is due to the work of the Guyana Marine Turtle Conservation Society (GMTCS) at Shell Beach, Region One.

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Shell Beach is the place to go, though not the most accessible of locations.  Travelling from Georgetown you will have to take: two bus trips and one that is a daylong drive then two boat rides, and one is a speedboat navigating the ‘river of 99 turns’.  However, this will be worthwhile because at the end of this trip is Shell Beach.  At Shell Beach, you will witness the turtles exercise an age-old ritual of labouriously laying their eggs.  Be sure to walk with your insect repellent as the mosquitoes there are fierce!


Have you ever trekked through the Amazon rainforest?  Well, now’s the time to join a guided tour.  Along the journey, you’ll learn about the various species of plants and animals of the rainforest. You can also enjoy the sighting of wildlife or simply match your steps to the tune of the birds whistling overhead.  Trekking in Guyana is an invigorating experience.

An Option

The great thing about trekking is you can determine what you would like to see.  Do work with a local tour operator to map out your adventure and discuss the options available.  Whichever option you choose, you’re sure to have a wonderful time.


Guyana’s landscape is perfect for hikers.  Our mountains beckon lovers of the pastime.  There are guides operating hiking tours for many of the trails.  If you’re new to hiking or not knowledgeable about trails, then we suggest you contact a reputable tour guide.  You can look forward to a trip of breathtaking views and serene settings.

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We imagine those highly ambitious might dream of tackling Mount Roraima.  But, the idyllic scenery offered by the grand Surama Mountain is worth the hike.  Guides are available to take hikers across the sprawling savannah into the vast mountainside.

Sport Fishing

As you may know, we have two seasons for freshwater fishing, mid-February to late April and late August to late November.  So before the kids head back out to school, get your casts ready.  Enjoy the opportunity to reel in a Payara, Arowana, Himara or even a Peacock Bass.  You’ll be glad you have an extra pair of hands.

An Option

There are quite a few places for sport fishing lovers.  Add the Essequibo River to your list of rivers at which to stop off.  It is not only our largest river; it is the largest between the Amazon and the Orinoco.  Also, it’s waters – home to a wide variety of fish species – is also rich in fauna.


Mountain Climbing

We are the Land of Many Waters, but we could easily be the land of many mountains.  Guyana is the perfect place for mountain climbing.  Grab your ropes, safety gear and water, and be prepared to work out your ‘glutes’ while treating your eyes to picturesque landscapes.  The arduous trip up the mountains will be worth the crisp, clean air that will fill your lungs as you stand atop one of our majestic mountains.

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Mount Roraima is exceptional for many reasons.  It is said to be one of the oldest formations on earth.  The highest tepui plateau mountain creates the between Guyana-Venezuela-Brazil border.    However, only attempt if you’re an experienced mountain climber.

Georgetown Exploration

At times it is nice to ‘dial back’ and take things easy.  Often we become so familiar with a place that we can ignore its unique qualities.  We are suggesting that you forgo the speedboats and air travel.  We have the perfect place, and one with which you are quite familiar—Georgetown our capital. Act like a tourist and explore the city; there is much to see.


There are many places to see in and around Georgetown.  Here are a few options to consider on your city tour. Remember, the goal is to see the city through the eyes of a tourist.  So, begin with the top-rated and major tourist attraction: St. George’s Cathedral.  The city’s landmark.  The Anglican cathedral is an impressive structure is one of Caribbean’s tallest wooden churches.

Next, there is the Stabroek Market.  Immerse yourself in what is such to be a rich cultural experience; vendors ply their produce and shoppers haggle or acquiesce indifferently to the prices.  We purposely saved this one for last, because after a day of sightseeing it’s the perfect way to end, the Botanical Gardens and the Zoo.  Our suggestion is to stop by the zoo first.  Gander at the alligators, beautiful macaws and other animals, then it is time for a lazy stroll through the sprawling greens and listless lounging at the romantic gazebos.  Our list is not extensive, so we are sure you may know of many more things to do on a Georgetown exploration.


There you have it, seven exhilarating outdoor activities to keep you busy for this, and six other weekends.


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