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Mashramani 2020: What to Expect If It’s Your First Time in Guyana

by Carolyn Lee Feb 3, 2020

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If you are planning to travel to Guyana this February, you are in for a treat.

Celebratory activities for Mashramani are already underway, and Yello is filling you in on what to expect!

What is Masharamani?

Masharamani or Mash is an annual event that is marked by a spectacular and colourful celebration.

The day commemorates the birth of the Republic of Guyana that took place in 1970. The word Mashramani translates to “celebration after hard work.”

Now in our 50th year, Mash promises to be rich with events leading up to and on Republic Day – 23 February.

This year’s theme is “Guyana Together; Reflect, Celebrate and Transform”.

The theme encourages unification, reflection, celebration and transformation for our country and our people.

What are some of the events to look out for?

Some of the popular events associated with Mash include exhibitions, song competitions, adult and children’s competitions, parades, festivals and games.

The Guyana Folk Festival, Rum and Food Festival, Carib Soca Monarch, Craft Market and Fashion District are also to be counted among must see events.

On Republic Day, there will be a stunning costume and float parade, the Golden Jubilee Mega Concert and the Golden Jubilee Gospel Concert at Durban Park. The Golden Jubilee Legends in Concert will take place on 24 February at Critchlow Labour College.

For a complete schedule of all events, check out the Golden Jubilee Facebook page.

What should you expect at the events?

You should expect high energy and excitement among the Guyanese people. This is a time of great celebration as such, many events may go on until the next morning.

If you love history, don’t miss the opportunity to check out the Republic Jubilee Exhibition in the national museums.

At the parades, look out for vibrant costumes, amazing music and remember to try some of the delicious cuisine on offer.

Should you be concerned about safety?

Most persons will be in a celebratory mood, as such, safety should not be a major concern. However, some events may be very crowded, so keep general safety tips in mind while attending.

Keep your money, cards and other valuables inside a small bag or pouch and place it in front of you. Attend events with a friend or someone who knows the area well enough to escort you in and out with ease.

Follow the safety instructions that are given by promoters or locals before or during events.

What else do you need to know?

If you are planning to participate in any of the events, dress comfortably. Be prepared to stand for long periods at some venues. There will be a lot of dancing and gyrating, as such, seats may not be easily accessible.

If you are planning to view the costume and float parade, use sunblock and wear sunshades. It’s also a good idea to bring your camera to capture the excitement.

Here’s to celebrating Caribbean culture in Guyana and creating lasting memories!

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