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My Guyana: Lieve Blanckaert

by Lou-Ann Jordan Feb 25, 2019

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Meet Lieve Blanckaert.  She is upbeat, cheery and incredibly positive.  The dynamic marketing consultant shares with us what makes her proud to be Guyanese.  Lieve also took time out to discuss her great love for event management. Deeply committed to making a difference in the lives of Guyanese youth, Lieve alongside family members and friends have founded People Care.  Read on to learn more about the work being done among the country’s disadvantaged youths through Lieve’s social work platform.

Where in Guyana are you from? 

I’m from Georgetown, Guyana.

Describe Guyana in three words

Home sweet home.

What makes you proud to be Guyanese?

There are a lot of economic hardships in Guyana. Yet besides this, our people support each other.  I am very proud of that and happy to receive that love and support.  Also, I love the way we are hardworking and everyone gives their all.

What are your fondest memories of growing up here?

I grew up with eight siblings and we made a lot of memories together. Almost every afternoon after school we would all play in the yard with neighbourhood kids.  It was something I always looked forward to after school.

Who has inspired you throughout your life?

Growing up my dad and I didn’t communicate much, maybe once a day. But, that changed after I spent three years living with him and three of my sisters.  We became much closer.  We had conversations about education, life, music, food—just about everything.   He is my number one supporter in everything I’ve done in my life since then.  He always says:  “Lieve you can do anything in life, once you put your mind to getting it done.” I’m really happy to have him in my life.  He is definitely the person that inspires me most.

How long have you worked in event management?

Event coordinating has been a part of my portfolio for about three years.

What prompted you to become involved in that field?

Planning parties and organizing events for people have always been a strong passion of mine.  I’m very sociable and so was attracted to the fact that event planning allows me to meet new people. I loved that I would get to play a part in bringing people together, and explore new strategies in marketing.

It has been mentioned you’re also involved in social work, what initiated your involvement?

Growing up I visited and volunteered at different orphanages with my mum. After she migrated, I was still motivated to carry on her work. My sisters, some friends and I decided to found, People Care, our own charity organization to help the less fortunate. People Care aims to provide orphanages with the educational and basic materials the children need to function in their everyday lives.  This is facilitated through fundraisers.

I love and admire children, and I enjoy seeing them happy.  Spending time with them puts a smile on theirs and our faces.  Being involved in social work helps me grow as an individual, and I personally feel it’s something everyone should be a part of some time in their life.

Are there any projects you’re currently working on which you consider to be meaningful, and why?

I’ve recently completed a clothing drive for the less fortunate children of Georgetown. The children were ecstatic to have new clothes.  And, witnessing their joy was an amazing experience.   They appreciate small things in life and I do it because it makes them happy. It is very fulfilling to work with children.  I feel I have been blessed with a purpose.

What keeps you motivated?

My family and the fact that I’m alive and healthy keep me motivated.  As long as we’re here in this world, we should have a goal or dream and go after it.

What is your vision for Guyana? Or, more specifically, what major developments would you like to see happen in Guyana in the next 20 to 50 years?

Guyana is slowly developing. We have a great advantage now, because of the oil recently discovered.

I would love to see both the country develop economically and the quality of peoples’ lives improve.  There needs to be a great focus on solving the socio-economic challenges in our country resulting in bettering the lives of families.

What is your life’s philosophy? What is its source/how was it developed?

My life philosophy is simple.  Keep smiling and be kind to everyone.   I believe that one should always be the person they want to see in others and one should treat everyone with respect. Also, and this is important, stay positive in both actions and thoughts.