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10 Affordable Christmas Activities That Might be Fun for Everyone

by Carolyn Lee Dec 5, 2022

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10 Affordable Christmas Activities That Might be Fun for Everyone

The upcoming holidays are typically a time for family gatherings, delicious food, shopping, and parties. We know that holiday spending can significantly dent most budgets, so we’re suggesting a few fun activities that are relatively affordable for almost everyone.

Make decorating the home a family project with rewards.

Offer incentives for the best decorations and task each person with a designated area. Ask a neighbour or family friend to help ‘judge’ the various decorations and offer a fun prize, like a quirky Santa hat, a bottle of wine, or other affordable treats. You can even use old Christmas cards to make some areas stand out. Encourage everyone to be creative!

Get your Christmas tree early.

Most businesses that sell Christmas trees have already started putting what they have on display. Grab a friend or relative and start checking different places and comparing prices. Doing your Christmas tree shopping now allows you to book time with your family to decorate and could also lead to early deals that might not be available when the rush starts.

Wear matching Christmas PJs or ugly Christmas sweaters.

Matching pyjamas and ugly Christmas sweaters have become a fun part of the holiday season. You can don your sweater or matching pyjamas to relax on Christmas morning or for photo shoots. These festive outfits are also great when several families spend the holidays together. You can check your local stores or shop online. If you plan to shop online, you should start shopping now in case there are delays with deliveries.

Do a festive photo shoot.

Christmas allows us to catch up with relatives we may not have seen. Plan a holiday photo shoot and get everyone to create memories you’ll cherish. While it’s good to hire a photographer, most families have a relative or friend who typically takes excellent pictures, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ensure everyone agrees to the dress code and time and have fun posing for the camera!

Attend a Christmas tree lighting.

Your children might love the tree you have at home, but they will also enjoy watching the ceremony for a massive Christmas tree. Most Christmas tree lighting ceremonies include festive carols, yummy treats, seeing friends, and an opportunity to get out of the house. If they don’t have Christmas tree lighting in your town, you can probably make a big deal about watching one on TV by preparing snacks, treats, and drinks everyone will enjoy. 

Encourage kids to make holiday cards.

A house filled with children during the holidays is typical in the Caribbean. Encouraging younger children to make holiday cards is a great way to keep them busy and creative. They can design the cards in different colours, shapes, and sizes, using their favourite pet, food, or TV characters to make things fun. The idea is to allow them to have fun as they spend time with each other.

Create a holiday photo booth.

Getting relatives together for a family photo shoot might be challenging if some people have work or different schedules. You can still get awesome pictures by setting up a DIY photo booth with old Christmas decorations. It will be fun to see some of the quirky photos later. It helps to have more than one person responsible for snapping those memorable images. If you have only one great photographer, designate a time for those images to get done.

Get active after Christmas dinner.

It might be tempting to relax and watch a movie after dinner, but we suggest you switch things up this year. Create a playlist that your family will enjoy and do a mini dance party. Get everyone to join in the fun by allowing people to pick the names of dance partners from a box for specific songs. Remember to keep your phone handy to capture the laughs and eclectic dance moves!

Check out the outdoor holiday decorations in your area.

Since decorations are a huge part of the holidays, it’s a good idea to check out some of the outdoor decorations in your area. If your community enjoys a friendly competition to see the best outdoor light designs, join in the fun. Walk or drive around with your family or a friend to check things out. After you’ve completed your neighbourhood tour, share some of the decorations that impressed you.

Bring holiday cheer to the less fortunate.

Bringing Christmas cheer to others is a tradition many include in their holiday planning. You can ask friends or relatives to chip in financially, donate small gifts, or contribute to a toy drive. It is worthwhile to contact some girls’ homes, boys’ homes, or homes for the elderly that usually welcome donations or physical help during the holiday season. Some homes for the elderly might allow you to spend time talking to those who may not have anyone to visit with them. Although spending time with the less fortunate may not appear fun for some, it can be a gratifying experience.

We hope you will use some of these activities as you spend time with your loved ones this holiday season. With our Find Yello listings, you can easily find the stores, supermarkets, and other related businesses that will make shopping easier. Good luck and enjoy each other!

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