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10 Things to do if You Are Alone During the Holidays

by Carolyn Lee Dec 23, 2019

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The holidays are usually a time of merry making, connecting with loved ones and relaxation. Activities are generally a group effort that often strengthens bonds and create new experiences. 

Some of us spend the holidays alone for various reasons. Despite this, being alone during the holidays can still be a time of enjoyment, reflection and rest.  

If you are alone this holiday, we are sharing 10 things that you can do to enjoy this holiday season. 

Start planning early 

The holidays comprise of a specific timeframe. This makes it possible to plan for them. Begin by creating a list of things that would make you feel good.  

The list can include going out to dinner, making yourself a special dinner, binge-watching your favourites movies or a quick getaway. 

Adjust your perspective 

Being alone does not mean that you need to be lonely. There a several theme parties, comedy shows, and other festivities that you can enjoy.  

If you prefer to be away from others, escape to a private beach or park where you can be alone with your thoughts. 

Connect with others 

You are not the only person alone this holiday. Talk with friends to find out who else may be alone for the holidays. Connect with that person or say yes to invites that friends send your way.  

If you really do not wish to go out, invite a few to come over for drinks or dinner. 

Get caught up 

The holidays are perfect for relaxing and catching up. Try to catch up on things that you didn’t have time to do because of distractions.  

This may include overdue household chores or simple activities around town. 

Rediscover your passion 

Our professional responsibilities sometimes limit the time that we could use to focus on our passions. The holidays are perfect for rediscovering our passion.  

What do you truly love? 

Start that book that you have been procrastinating on writing or add new chapters to it. Pull out that recipe that you’ve wanted to try and make something amazing. Read that book that has been sitting on a shelf for months. Buy the tools that you’ve been saving for and start using them to get the job done. Use this holiday to tap into what you love and do it!  

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Look for the opportunities 

Sleep in late. Make what you want when you want it. Go out if you feel like it. Call friends up for quick chats. Soak in a deliciously scented bath until your fingers look like prunes. Dress up and go out to dinner by yourself. Dance around the house to your favourite music.  

There are a lot of opportunities that pop up when you are alone. You just need to be open-minded and ready for them.s 

Get involved 

The holidays are also a time of giving and sharing — volunteer with an organisation and provide holiday cheer to those in need.  

You could make a monetary contribution to a charity. If you choose to, you can take a hands-on approach that may include cooking, packing, preparing or sharing meals or clothing. 

Honour the memories 

Some of us choose to be alone during the holidays because we are away from our loved ones. It could be that we’ve lost someone we love or live in a different country. If you are up to it, go through your photo albums and think about the fun experiences that you created together or that were shared with you. 

It is OK to be emotional. Honour the memories. Be grateful for them and do something to show that gratitude.  

If your loved ones are in another country – call or Skype.  

If your loved one has transitioned, cherish the memories. Reflect on what the person loved. This could be a meal, song, game or sports activity. Take some time to do the activity. If you are up to it, bring flowers to their burial site.  

Treat yourself 

There is every reason to treat yourself to something nice this holiday. Buy yourself a gift or two. Indulge in some of the treats that you’ve avoided throughout the year. Pamper yourself at a spa. Check into a luxury hotel for a few days if your budget allows. Go on a short cruise or tour. 

Rest. Reflect. Plan. 

The holidays will go by quickly. Be sure to rest. Resting should involve physical and mental rest.  Reflect on the year that you’ve had. Did you accomplish your goals? What can you do differently in the future? 

Plan for the New Year. Key areas to consider when planning could include financial, health and professional development goals. 

From dinner dates to themed parties, there are endless opportunities to have a good time, even if you are alone this holiday. We are sure that you can find something that inspires you or makes you feel good! 

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