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12 of the Most Instagrammable Places in Jamaica

by Stephanie Koathes Oct 7, 2019

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Jamaica is full of gorgeous places. From lush, cloud-covered mountains, to dramatic cliffs and thundering falls, we’re a country made for photos. But where are the most beautiful, Instagrammable places in Jamaica?

We’ve rounded up 12 of the most Instagram-worthy spots on the island.

West End Cliffs

For some of the most striking scenery and most beautiful sunsets on the island, you have to head to the West End cliffs in Westmoreland. Rick’s Café is almost synonymous with the cliffs of Negril, and while Rick’s is a beautiful spot, there are other places to enjoy the majesty of the west end. Visit Xtabi and take a walk down into the caves in the cliff face and look out at the water hitting the rocks. You’ll surely find Instagram-worthy shots. The Rockhouse Hotel has magnificent views around every corner.

Frenchman’s Cove

Frenchman’s Cove is full of gorgeous places to take photos. Whether it’s the briny river or dramatic shots of waves breaking against the mouth of the cove, there’s no shortage of Instagrammable spots.

Pelican Bar

This ramshackle wooden bar built into the waters off the coast of Treasure Beach makes for incredible photos you won’t get elsewhere. It’s nothing but you, the bar, and the blue Caribbean Sea. 

Blue Mountain Peak

With the towering moss-covered trees of its cloud forest, waterfalls, views of green valleys and the city, the Blue Mountains are full of beautiful places. If you make it up to Blue Mountain peak for sunrise, you’ll get some breath-taking views for your IG.

Strawberry Hill, Irish Town

Strawberry Hill Hotel in Irish Town in the Blue Mountain range is as pretty as a postcard with several gorgeous places for Instagram-worthy shots. Stand on the narrow wall in the infinity pool to look like you’re walking on water while looking out at views of Kingston. Or kick back in a lawn chair overlooking a valley.

Reach Falls

It may not be the most popular ‘falls’ on the island, but Reach Falls is one of the prettiest and best places for photos. The 4.6-hectare property is in the lush forest of the John Crow Mountains. There are clear emerald pools, and a natural heart-shaped Jacuzzi . The falls can be spotted as a background in a scene from the movie Cocktails with Tom Cruise. 

Spanish Bridge

The Old Spanish Bridge in the White River Valley is a relic from the days of Spanish colonisation. The stone bridge, stretching across the vivid blue waters of the White River, makes for a fantastic photo op.

Mural Wall, 41 Fleet Street

The colourful murals painted on the walls of 41 Fleet Street in downtown Kingston have made this unlikely spot a popular place for visitors. These striking paintings make Instagram-worthy backdrops.

Tensing Pen Bridge, Negril

This bridge between cliffs at the Tensing Pen Resort in Negril is breath-taking (and terrifying) and makes for photos that will have everyone envious.

Lover’s Leap

Lover’s Leap is a strikingly beautiful 1,700-foot high cliff in the parish of St Elizabeth. The cliff has a tragic story involving two young slaves in love. Legend has it that the slave-owner wanted the woman for himself and planned to sell her lover. Not wanting to be separated, the two lovers jumped hand-in-hand from the cliff. Tragic tale aside, the views from this cliff are stunning and worth a place on your carefully curated Instagram page.

Martha Brae

Bamboo rafting along the cool waters of the Martha Brae River opens up many opportunities for stunning Instagram photos.

Blue Lagoon

Get a photo on the swing at the stunning Blue Lagoon in Port Antonio or a shot of you on a bamboo raft rowing out to Monkey Island.

These are just a handful of the beautiful places around the island that deserve a place on your Instagram page! Where else would you add to this list?ant to compare Jamaica’s most Instagrammable places to others around the region? Check out the prettiest spots in Bonaire, BVI, TCI, and St Vincent and the Grenadines. If you liked this list, you’ll love our Ultimate Jamaican Bucket List.