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Career Corner: These Seven Tips Will Make You the Most Efficient You’ve Ever Been at Work

by Stephanie Koathes Dec 31, 2018

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There never seems to be enough time to get work done. We all want to be more efficient in our jobs so that we can make the most of our time.

These seven techniques will help you be as efficient as you can be so that you can use your time the way you want to.

Set down your priorities

At the start of the week or each day write down your priority tasks that you have to get done. Keep your to-do lists manageable so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Concentrate on the top three to five things you need to work on.

Take breaks

You can’t work effectively or efficiently without taking breaks. According to research human beings just don’t concentrate very well when working on a task for more than 90 minutes.

Keep a clear work space

Have a tidy, organised desk will allow you to find items faster, eliminating wasted time searching amid the clutter.

Have a done list

This is a list of everything you’ve completed over the course of a day. Compiling a done list can help you to feel more motivated and boost your focus since you’ll see that you really have been accomplish a lot!

Communicate clearly

Keep emails short and focused, stay on topic when in discussion and work on your active listening skills. Good communication will mean less time wasted redoing assignments and dealing with misunderstandings.

Don’t multitask

We like to try to do a number of tasks at one time, but we’re not as great at multitasking as we think! Focus on one task at a time, then, take a break before moving on to the next.

Prioritise self-care

When you’re stressed and burned out you’re not likely to work efficiently. Take care of yourself, eat well, exercise and do things you enjoy to decompress. You’ll find that your work will be better off for it.

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