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Crucial Areas to Pay Attention to Before Moving from A Rental Home

by Carolyn Lee Feb 19, 2024

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Crucial Areas to Pay Attention to Before Moving from A Rental Home

Moving from a rental home requires careful planning and timing. Packing, properly labelling containers and cleaning up are crucial in ensuring you have what you need to move out. We know this process can be overwhelming, so we have a few suggestions to help.

Five things you must do when planning to move from a rental home.

Budget for the move: Do a thorough audit of your expenses and create a budget to manage them. Some things to include in your budget are hiring a moving company, security deposit for your next place, reconnection charges for utilities, payment on your last utility bills at your old rental, and miscellaneous expenses. Please do not rely on the security deposit at your current rental. It might not be reimbursed in time for you to use it for moving expenses.

Start packing early: You should start labelling and packing containers (boxes) with household items and small appliances you don’t regularly use a month before moving. You can mark the containers with the names of the rooms they belong to, like kitchen, bathroom, etc. Packing some items early allows you to focus on other crucial tasks, helps you identify where things are and can make the process less overwhelming.

Discuss reimbursement of your security deposit: Your deposit is typically held by the property manager as collateral in case there are damages to the property outside the usual wear and tear. You should arrange a mutually agreed-upon time for an inspection with them before you move. Ask about the timeline for reimbursing your deposit or the amount they plan to use to take care of any damage you may have caused to the rental.

Take care of all outstanding utility bills: Contact your internet, water, and electricity providers for the correct steps to disconnect utilities at least a week before you move. Some companies require five days’ notice since their technicians might be busy with other assigned tasks. You might also be required to return internet equipment and reapply for service at your new address. Failure to disconnect electricity before you move could result in someone else using it and adding to your bill.

Pay attention to the quit notice timeline: If you plan to move without receiving a quit notice from your landlord, notify them of your intention to move within the agreed-upon period in the rental contract. Your notification will allow them to check for damages, prepare your security deposit, and arrange the rental for prospective tenants to view. Conversely, if your landlord wishes you to vacate the property, they should provide you with written notice.

Some property managers include a clause in the rental contract allowing them to have interested persons view the property while you are preparing to vacate. However, if this clause is missing from your contract, allowing strangers to view the rental while you live there should be at your discretion. If you have concerns or need additional information on your rights as a tenant, you can contact the relevant association in your country for assistance.

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