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Culture Corner: Have you ever been to Duppy Gate? Exploring Jamaica’s Unusual Place Names

by Stephanie Koathes Feb 4, 2019

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Have you ever been to Mosquito Corner? What about Putogether Corner or Wait-A-Bit?

Jamaicans are a creative group of people, and that creativity doesn’t stop at music, art or the myriad of ways we use white rum! Some of the place names around the island can certainly conjure laughs or make you think about what possibly could have led to their names.

We’ve got some really interesting, unusual place names that have a tale to tell.

Here are some great ones.

Putogether Corner: This area near Mandeville was once the place where women heading to sell goods in the market would stop to “put together” their wares and their clothing before going into town.

Vinegar Hill: Located in Westmoreland, the settlement of Vinegar Hill was so named to commemorate the 1798 defeat of the United Irishmen in the Battle of Vinegar Hill in Ireland.

Duppy Gate: If you’re afraid of ghosts, then you’d better stay away from Duppy Gate in St Andrew. The story behind this place name goes back to when West India Regiments used to occupy the area. People have reported seeing a duppy dressed in the uniform from that time period, brandishing a sword.

Corn Puss Gap: This spot in St Thomas gets its name from a legend involving a lost person and an unfortunate cat. According to the story, a lost hiker, caught, ‘corned’ and ate the poor ‘puss’.

Try See: The name of this place in St Ann comes from the post-emancipation period where former slaves were given land to “try and see” what could be done with it.

Honorable mention: Butt-Up-Town, Trelawny.

What unusual or funny place names have you seen around the island?

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