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Delight Your Taste Buds: Sweet Jamaican Pastries That Will Keep You Wanting More

by Carolyn Lee Oct 19, 2020

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Delight Your Taste Buds - Sweet Jamaican Treats.

Jamaican cuisine is largely praised on the global stage. From jerked foods to our national dish, the flavours are many and enjoyable. 

Some of our less lauded, yet extremely popular foods are our delicious confectionery items. 

We are sharing some of Jamaica’s sweet confectionery offerings that will keep you coming back for more. 


Photo credit: GraceKennedy Foods.

This delightful coconut rich open tart is a hit among adults and children. It is often referred to as a dessert snack. However, most persons enjoy it whenever they are in the mood for a sweet treat. 

The crust is crumbly with a hollow centre that is filled with shredded coconut infused with sugar and spices. 

If you are keen on making gizzadas, try this recipe, courtesy of Grace Foods

Jackass Corn Biscuits 

Photo credit: Jamaicans.com

This Jamaican biscuit, also known as Donkey Corn, can be addictive. The biscuit is made from a dough of flour with sugar, shredded coconut and spices and is usually quite hard. 

It is believed that Jackass Corn got its name because of its toughness, which may be likened to the stubbornness of a donkey. 

Although this popular treat can be easily found in supermarkets, Jackass Corn is relatively easy to make. Jamaicans.com has an easy recipe that you can try at home. 

Coconut Drops 

Photo credit: GraceKennedy Foods.

If you love coconut flavoured treats, coconut drops will never disappoint you! These treats are made from the flesh of the coconut cut into small pieces. It may vary in sweetness and usually has a slight taste of ginger. 

Coconut drops, like gizzadas and jackass corn, can be had whenever you like. Be sure to have a glass or two of water, as the texture though chewy, can be slightly rough while swallowing. 

 Coconut drops are easy to make. If you are concerned about the sugar content, you can try your hand at one of these recipes from My Island Jamaica

Grater Cake  

Photo credit: GraceKennedy Foods.

This is not a cake. Grater cake is a popular Jamaican dessert that is commonly referred to as Pink on Top. Most Jamaicans have it whenever they are in the mood for a sweet treat. 

Grater cake is made from shredded coconut, sugar, pink or red food colouring and spices. It may also have a slight taste of ginger. 

It is characterised by a pink top half and a white base. Grater cake is cut into small square-shaped portions.  

If you would prefer to create your own, try this recipe from Grace Foods

If you are in the mood to sample these delicious treats, we’ve got you covered! Search Find Yello for a bakery, café, supermarket or patisserie near you. 

Sources: JamaicansGrace Foods and My Island Jamaica