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Easy Green: Tips for Packing a Zero Waste Lunch

by Stephanie Koathes Feb 11, 2019

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Tips on packing a zero waste, environmentally-friendly lunch.

Pollution and waste have serious adverse effects on wildlife, the environment, and us too.

The world’s oceans and seas are under threat from the constant deluge of plastic that finds its way into the earth’s waterways. Just imagine, a 2016 report predicted that by 2050 the amount of plastic in the sea will outweigh the amount of fish!

So how can you be more eco-friendly? Try going “zero waste” at lunch.

Here are some simple tips for packing a waste-free lunch:

    • Bring your own container and purchase unpackaged meat at the deli.
    • Get a reusable stainless steel or glass water bottle.
    • Use stainless steel or glass containers to carry your lunch to work. Stainless steel containers work best for children because they’re impossible to break!
    • Make use of your old glass jars for storage at home and packaging lunch foods. Salads, sauces, yogurt, can be packed in mason jars.
    • Carry your lunch in a reusable bag.

    • Use reusable cloth napkins instead of paper ones.
    • Pack inexpensive, real cutlery rather than reaching for plastic knives and forks.
    • When shopping for the ingredients that you’ll use to make your lunch, bring your own reusable bag to the supermarket.
    • Get acquainted with your local farmers market, look for locally-grown produce at the supermarket, you can even start a backyard garden.
    • Don’t pack more food than you’ll likely eat.
    • Bring home your lunch scraps to use for compost.

Reducing the amount of waste you generate is as easy as that!

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