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Easy Green: You Can Be More Eco-friendly By Reusing Your Old Plastics

by Stephanie Koathes Mar 11, 2019

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Plastic waste is a big problem. Fortunately we can all play our part in reducing the amount of plastics that end up polluting both land and sea. One way to do this is by upcycling plastics that you already have.

What is upcycling?

Upcycling just means finding another way to use something rather than tossing it out. There are many ways to reuse the plastic items that you already have.

Before you throw out your plastic bottles why not try one of these incredibly easy upcycling ideas?

• Transform a plastic bottle or jug into a bird feeder. You’ll be kind to the environment and to the local wildlife this way. It just takes some bird seed and maybe some old spoons and some wire to hang it.

• Rather than toss them in the trash, reuse large plastic lids as food dishes for cats or small dogs.

Photo credit: https://waterstories.nestle-waters.com/environment/ways-to-upcycle-plastic-water-bottles/

• Pierce a few holes in a plastic bottle and attach this to your garden hose. That’s all it takes to upcycle a piece of plastic that would end up in the trash, into a handy (and free) homemade sprinkler system.

• Large plastic jugs like those for juice or milk can easily be made into watering cans. You simply need to poke several holes in the lid.

Photo credit: https://schoolgardening.rhs.org.uk/Resources/Activity/Make-a-watering-device

• Plastic lids can make moving even heavy furniture much easier. How? It’s simple, just place the lids under the legs of the furniture that needs to be moved; this allows heavy pieces to slide easily across carpets and wood floors.

• Coffee creamer bottles are great containers to reuse as food storage containers. Remove the label so you can see the contents of the bottle and fill with sugar, salt, nuts etc. The design of these kinds of bottles makes pouring easy and you can use them on the go.

• Turn a plastic bottle into a cute planter. You can cut the bottle into whatever shape you desire and paint it to finish it off. Let it dry and then fill with soil. All you’ll need is some scissors, paint and a little imagination.

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