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Eight Cheap Tricks to Redo Your Bedroom on a Budget

by Lou-Ann Jordan Feb 6, 2023

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If we were to ask you which room in your home has the most significant impact on your daily state of mind, which would you say? 

No, not your kitchen—though we do agree its significance is quite weighty.  We want to propose that it’s your bedroom.

For most people, the bedroom is where they spend the first and last hours of each day. More importantly, they awaken each morning in a space that is either a sanctuary or a minefield.

Why is this important?  Because, generally speaking, our environment impacts our moods and stress levels. More so, it is likely that our surroundings either create or reduce stress.

While we can’t always control every space we enter, we can certainly alter our living spaces. Moreover, what better place to start than our bedrooms?

In this article, we offer some quick tips for refreshing your bedroom décor. The best part is—you won’t have to break the bank.

Our expert interior designer, Chante Ferdinand of Chante Ariel Designs (CAD) shares eight DIY redesigning ideas for your bedroom.

1. The Real Purge: Declutter Your Space

Creating a haven isn’t just for aesthetic purposes; it is conducive to having a restful night’s slumber. 

Also, it impacts the way we live our day-to-day lives. The effect of sleep is a significant contributor to our overall health and well-being; what we do in the first hour after waking up tends to set the pace for the rest of the day.

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A harmonious space is beneficial to our early morning routines.  It’s much easier to fall and stay asleep at night in a calm, decluttered and welcoming room than it is in one that is hazardous or chaotic.        

Tips on decluttering: store it or donate it

Sort clothes into piles; any clothes that no longer fit or haven’t been worn in the past year can go. It will help give you added space. If the clothes are in good condition, you can donate them to charity. However, discard them if they’re in a poor or tattered condition.

2. Switch it up: Reposition the bed or rearrange large furniture pieces

Changing the position of the furniture is the easiest way to create a new look and feel of your bedroom without spending any money. To have the greatest impact move the largest piece of furniture in the room—the bed.

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Of course, repositioning your bed may not always be possible. Some rooms may not allow much flexibility in terms of rearranging. However, if your room allows you this privilege, consider a method of placement that is aesthetically beneficial. Also, keep in mind that you should go for an arrangement that enables good circulation and the organic flow of air and positive energy.

Tips on repositioning furniture

Since we spend 30% of our time sleeping, the bedroom is closely connected with our “chi” or personal energy. It is also believed that since the bedroom is linked to marriage and romance, enhancing its Feng Shui will encourage stronger and healthier relationships.

The bed is usually the biggest piece of furniture. Taking advantage of Feng Shui positioning helps create the best flow.

Option A

Photo credit: Thespruce.com

An example of a good Feng Shui bedroom layout is not necessarily where the bed is at the centre of the facing wall. It largely depends on the positioning of the windows and doors.

Photo credit: Jossandmain.com

Good Feng Shui layout can be achieved if the bed:

– Is diagonal from the door.

– Isn’t directly under a window.

– Has a solid wall behind it.

– Has space on both sides of the bed.

Option B

Photo credit: Thespruce.com

Another excellent option for a Feng Shui layout is where the door is to the sidewall, but still, a considerable distance from the bed. With this option, the bed has a solid wall behind it and good grounding energy on either side.

Photo credit: Elledecor.com

Feng Shui don’ts

– Do not use screens in the bedroom. Electronic devices emit blue light and radiation that can keep you up at night, and in general, tend to obstruct energy flow. 

 – Do not align the bed with the door.

– Do not have a mirror face the bed.

– Do not place the bed near a bathroom door.

3. Bedding: Use new sheets and add throw pillows

As simple as it sounds, new bedding can prove to be very effective. Not only do new sheets instantly enhance the look of your bedroom, but they’re also the most important fabric with which you will come into contact. Bedding adds comfort, pattern, and texture, as well as complements your walls and décor. They also introduce a new colour into your space.

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Tips on bedding

Throw pillows are an easy and affordable option for adding a quick refresh to your bedroom. Use pillows to complement your new bed sheets. You can mix it up with some fun prints or expressive scripts. Another option is to include pillows of varying shapes and widths. Include a warm knit throw to add an extra welcoming feeling of cosiness.

Photo credit: Alyson Haley

4. Well Lit: Add or create a fun new light source

Change up your lighting scheme. Overhead lights are optimal for a bedroom, but if it’s your only light source.  You have lots of avenues to explore to give your room a different ambience with various layers of lighting.

A table lamp or wall-mounted lights on either side of your bed offer symmetrical balance. There are also desk lamps for task lighting. You can also employ floor lamps in an optimal location or drape string lights to create an ethereal focal point.

Additionally, candles are great for moody, romantic lighting. Scented candles are always an excellent idea for some added aromatherapy. However, candles should always be used in clear, safe areas away from open windows, children, pets, fabrics, and flammable materials and products. Err on the side of caution—opt for safer LED flickering candles for realistic, affordable, easy, and hazard-free lighting.

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5. All about the green: Bring in plants

Houseplants provide numerous health benefits. They create a feeling of calm space and aid in removing harmful toxins from the air. Even a small amount of green life in your room adds to the overall aesthetic. If you don’t have a green thumb, there are hardy plants that require minimal care and maintenance and can thrive in low-light conditions.

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6. The perfect rug placement

Rugs are an integral and multifunctional piece of décor. They give structure, define an area, and soften footfall. Rugs also add warmth and texture to and around a room. The prices of rugs vary depending on the material, size, shape, and pile height. A small rug on either side of or under your bed may be a complete game-changer in your space. It adds pattern, colour and visual interest.

See the guide below on optimum rug placement for your bed size.

Photo credit: inmyownstyle.com

7. Floored: Create floor seating and a reading nook

Create a fun and dynamic reading area by utilising available floor space. You can use a rug along with fun patterned pouffes, blankets, pillows, ottomans and even a coffee table for usable surface height.

Also, you can style the area with plants, books, candles, or any of your favourite décor items for super easy flexible use of space.

Photo credit: Apartmenttherapy.com

8. Up Above: Hang focal art and décor above the bed

Hanging art above the bed can create an impressive statement in an area that may otherwise be an empty, unused, negative space. It is an excellent way to express yourself. Create an attractive focal point above the bed and enhance the overall look and feel of your room.

Photo credit: Etsy.com

Tips on Hanging Décor

The possibilities are endless. You can opt to go with shelves, multiple small frames, wall-mounted large identical frames, art pieces, mirrors, metal sculptures, or clocks. You can also place fun objects like sunbursts or mini spikes in a staggered sequence on the wall.

When hanging objects, the bottom of the piece should be eight to 10 inches above the headboard. The main reason for this is that the art should be visually connected to the bed; not far apart, seeming to float high above. If choosing smaller pieces, try adding wall-mounted lights or sconces to balance the otherwise empty space.

Once again, Chante has provided imaginative, yet easy ideas to recreate your space. These eight tips will quickly help your bedroom become a space you enjoy—possibly a little too much.

For more interior design guidance, visit Chante Ariel Designs on Facebook.