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Eight Tips to Help You Work Effectively from Home

by Carolyn Lee Sep 19, 2022

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Eight Tips To Help You Work Effectively from Home - main

While many of us have returned to the office, some persons may still work from home part-time. Working at the office has distractions, and so does working from home. We’ve got a few tips and reminders you can use to work effectively from home.

Create a clearly defined workspace

If you have an extra room, convert it into your office. If not, designate an area in your home to use as your workspace. This will keep your mind focused on the space being used for work and not leisure.

Set boundaries

Make work hours clear and ensure rules include limiting activities near your work area. This should help to minimise distractions, especially when you have meetings. Don’t blur the lines by joining your kids for a TV show or staying too long to assist them with a task.

Stick to your work schedule

Keeping your in-office work schedule can make navigating the workday easier. It allows you to take the required breaks and gives you time to respond to messages, calls, emails, and meetings more efficiently.

Keep learning

Look for training opportunities to upskill yourself and to stay abreast of what’s happening in your industry. If your company doesn’t have training planned, LinkedIn, HubSpot and Sprout Social are a few platforms that offer certified training courses.

Get out of the house

Over time, isolation can weaken motivation and affect productivity. Plan a café work date with a colleague or go to the office to connect with team members. This also helps with creativity since you can bounce ideas off each other.

Talk to your team

On challenging days, your team can help to lighten your workload. If you need equipment or office supplies to enhance productivity, ask. Your manager can assist with getting you what you need. Teamwork is important to overall productivity, so be open to assisting members of your team when needed.

Take sick days

It can be tempting to soldier on when you’re working from home and feel unwell. However, when you’re sick, it can affect awareness, alertness, and efficiency. The goal is to contribute to long-term productivity, so rest and get better.

Separate work from your personal life

At the end of the workday, use an activity like working out, listening to music, or taking a shower to signify the shift from work to personal time. Be consistent. Balance helps with efficiency and productivity.

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