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Five Hacks That Will Bring Back Your Christmas Cheer

by Lou-Ann Jordan Dec 3, 2018

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Lost your holiday cheer?  The holiday season can do that.  Once synonymous with good cheer and glad tidings, this time of year now equated with spent purses—pun definitely intended.

But who says your purses or wallets have to be lighter.  We know it’s that time of the year when presents are bought and old household items, replaced.   The stained oven you’ve been using all year becomes particularly irksome as December draws near.

And, let’s not forget the dining furniture with its bothersome scuff marks.  It’s time for it to go, but before you and your little school-holiday-helpers begin to slog the heavy dining table out the front door take a look at our hacks.

The Kitchen Hack

We know cleaning is a big part of the build-up to Christmas.  Many children have spent their school holiday unpacking, washing and repacking dishes. More than likely, you’ve created an inventory of the appliances you’ll be replacing this Christmas.

But, before you get rid of your stained pots and pans, ovens, microwaves, stoves or fridge here’s a useful hack.  Mix ¼ cup of baking soda with enough peroxide to turn it into a paste.  Rub the stains of any of your appliances or pots and pans with the paste.

It’s a miracle, they’re spotless!

The Bathroom Hack

Air freshener in the bathroom is a necessity throughout the year.  Here’s a hack that though it requires a small purchase, the savings will be notable.  Purchase a bottle of essential oil from your pharmacy.  We suggest lavender or lemongrass.  Sprinkle a few drops on the inner cardboard roll of the toilet paper.  The fragrance will linger until the roll of paper ends and then repeat the process.  It’s simple and cost-effective.

The Dining room Hack

So, your wooden dining set beset with scuff marks has your heart palpitating as you consider the probability of buying a replacement for the holidays. Wait.  Why not try our hack this year.  Using a bit of shoe wax, apply to the scuff marks, and then buff them away with a soft cloth.

The Living room Hack

Blinds are not the easiest to clean.  It can be difficult getting your hands between the narrow spaces.  But, have we got the hack for you.  Grab a pair of thongs (yes, the tool used to dish out salad), two dust cloths and four rubber bands.  Wrap the cloth around both legs of the thong, using the rubber bands to hold them in place and voilà.

The House Hack

We hope some of your cheer has returned.  We’ve suggested a few quick ways you can save this holiday, and surely that has diminished any stress you feel.  But, if you’re still unable to look on at the speedily approaching holidays without a lift in spirit, this last hack may help.

Bring to boil a few sticks of cinnamon, and orange peel in a pot. The soothing smell will waft gently through the house evoking that “it’s Christmas” feeling.  Of course, if coupled with a few old favourites: Christmas decorations and Mariah Carey’s 1994 Christmas album, the heart has no choice but to skip with merriment.

There you have it.  These tips will help you save money and breathe easier.  What’s that we hear? It’s the return of your Christmas cheer.

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