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Here Are Six Reminders of What Guests Should Avoid Doing at An Airbnb

by Carolyn Lee Mar 4, 2024

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Here Are Six Reminders of What Guests Should Avoid Doing at An Airbnb

Over the years, Airbnb has become a preferred option for some vacationers. You get to meet new people, gain insider knowledge of the area, and save money on food. Affordability, (potentially) lower fees, and flexibility are also some things that make choosing an Airbnb attractive. We know it can be easy to overlook or forget to observe some ground rules that Airbnb or the host set. So, we have prepared a few reminders of what not to do as a guest at an Airbnb.

Six things guests should not do at an Airbnb.

Don’t be messy: Hosts have fees for standard cleaning like laundry and vacuuming between reservations. So, leaving the space dirty (soiled carpets, smelly garbage, mouldy dishes, stained couches, etc.) could cost them more money for deep cleaning.

Don’t damage the property: Do not deliberately damage the property to spite the host if there is a disagreement. Accidents can happen, and some are expensive. So, if an accident occurs, causing significant damage to the home, you must inform the host immediately and work on an appropriate solution. Remember, Airbnb has a policy on getting charged for damages.

Don’t steal: Some hosts specially design an experience with well-appointed items to make your stay comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable. Please do not steal unsecured items (iron, cutlery, linen, toiletries, wall art, home accents, etc.). If your host notices missing items, you might have to return them, reimburse the host, or face charges.

Don’t have large parties: Most Airbnb homes are in private communities where locals reside. There are rules to protect community members from rowdy parties, events, loud noises, and other offensive behaviours. Airbnb also has a policy that covers its ban on disruptive gatherings and community disturbances by guests during their stay.

Please don’t smoke inside: It can be challenging to remove the smell of cigarettes, tobacco, or marijuana from indoors since the smoke can stick to surfaces and furniture. An Airbnb home is a business that needs to smell great for all guests. Deep cleaning to eradicate the smell of smoke indoors can be expensive and time-consuming. It would help if you avoided smoking indoors unless the host permits you.

Don’t complain about personal problems: Your host is responsible for ensuring your stay is comfortable, but they are not therapists. While disagreements may happen during your stay at an Airbnb, please do not complain to your host about personal problems related to your relationships, finances, or other private matters. Talking about personal challenges could make your host uncomfortable, especially if they prefer not to get involved in your private affairs.

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