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How to Apply For a Schengen Visa if You’re Jamaican – Part One

by Stephanie Koathes Mar 4, 2019

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Image of Schengen Visa.

We noticed that some of you were a little daunted at the process of applying for a Schengen visa after our article about travelling to Europe from Jamaica.

Yello is here to help. We’ve put together an informal guide to assist Jamaicans with the Schengen visa application.

The Basics

On the form, you’ll be required to fill in your surname, surname at birth (if your name has changed), and first name and given names (this refers to your middle names).

You should write your names and country of birth as they appear in your passport.

If you’re filling the application out for a minor, you’ll need to input the details of their parent or a legal guardian including first and last name, address, and nationality, in the space provided.

You’ll see a section asking for your national identity number. This can be confusing, but it does not refer to your passport number. This section doesn’t apply to Jamaicans applying with a Jamaican passport, so just skip it.

close up from a Application for Schengen visa and passport

Travel Document Type and Destination

Under type of travel document, select ordinary passport (unless you’re a diplomat!), then put your passport number where it says number of travel document.

We’re moving on now to the section that says Member State(s) of destination. Here you’ll fill in the country or countries in the Schengen zone that you’ll be visiting. Member State of the first entry is the country that your flight arrives in; this is where you first enter the Schengen zone.

So if your flight lands in Germany and you’re planning on visiting Italy and Greece, put Italy and Greece under Member States of destination and Germany as the Member State of first entry.

Single vs Multiple Entries

The number of entries can also be a difficult field.

Single-entry means that you will be able to enter the Schengen zone only once. For example, you’ll be legally allowed to fly to Germany, enjoy some beer in Berlin, jet to Amsterdam and Paris and then head back to Jamaica. On a single-entry visa, you wouldn’t be able to visit the UK, for instance, which is not part of the Schengen zone, and then fly back to Paris. Once you leave the zone, you can’t re-enter.

On a multiple-entry visa, you can exit and re-enter the Schengen Zone as much as you like while your visa is still valid.

A multi entry Schengen Visa

If you’ve selected tourist as the main reason for your visit, it will be sufficient to fill out the name and address of the hotel/hotels where you’ll be staying. If you’ve selected another category, such as visiting family or friends or study, you’ll need to fill out the sections asking for the details of the person or organisation inviting you. You will also need to provide a signed invitation letter to accompany your application.

Travel Costs

For those who are funding their own trip, under the cost of travelling select by the applicant himself/herself and choose the means of support you’ll be using. You can choose more than one. If a sponsor is covering your costs (lucky you!) check the relevant box and means of support.

The information on personal data of the family member who is an EU, EEA, or CH citizen is only applicable if you’re going to stay with family. Fill in the name and information of that individual as it appears on their official documents.

Voila! You’re done…at least with this part of the application. You’ll also need supporting documents to present at the embassy when you have your interview.

These documents include: bank statements, job letter, flight itinerary (do not purchase tickets before getting the visa), accommodations booking, invitation letter (if you need one), and travel insurance.

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