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How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle in your 20s through 60s

by Lou-Ann Jordan Jan 9, 2023

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We’re ageing every day—some may consider that a sad realisation, but it’s true. More than that, we’ve just entered into a new year, making the fact that we are ageing even more real.

Some of us will be leaving our twenties, a time when we are unstoppable—spirited with pure energy oozing from our limbs. Those heading for their thirties can expect a time of excitement and giddying independence, while those in their forties experience an ever-increasing sedateness. 

Our fifties offer authenticity, bolstered by confidence. Often we’re more sure of who we are and what we have to say, and we’re not afraid to say it.  If you’re entering your sixties? Well, it’s a fantastic time of renewed zeal and clarity. We’ve learned what’s essential in life, and we’re passionate about seeking it out.

Throughout all these stages, the needs of our body and mind change.  What would have been essential in our twenties becomes less critical in our fifties. Therefore, to maintain optimal health and a well-balanced life, we must know what we need throughout our maturation.

We shouldn’t limit health and wellness to solely being disease-free. It would be better to cultivate a fulfilling life by engaging in healthy practices. 

We want to give you the tools that will enable you to pursue healthy lifestyle choices, whatever your age.

Here are quick tips on staying healthy from 20 through to 60:   

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Create a healthy relationship with food. Be nutrition-wise.  Become alert to how certain foods affect your body.

Exercise regularly. Start an exercise routine.

Don’t smoke. Cigarette smoke is harmful to your health.

Sleep. Though you have ‘energy to burn’, sleep is crucial in maintaining a healthy and functioning mind and body.

Practice safe sex. There are STIs out there.  Protect yourself against them.


Make exercise a priority. Whether at the gym or home, have a weekly workout regime.

Eat healthily. Practice healthy eating habits.

Get screened and tested. It’s an excellent time to begin having screens and tests done for lifestyle illnesses and cancer.

Build meaningful relationships. Not only build but maintain relationships that add value to you as a person.

Strike a balance. Find the balance between your work and home life.

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Get enough sleep. Try to have the recommended eight hours of sleep.

Exercise regularly. View exercise as a vital facet to ageing — spice things up by including weight training in your routine.

Stay hydrated. Be conscious of your daily water intake. Drink at least one glass of water with each meal.

Get serious about saving. Have a savings plan and commit to it.

Adopt an attitude of gratitude. Stay tuned to the aspects of your life that are going well and bringing you joy.  Live a life of gratitude.


Avoid saturated fats. Saturated fats are not your friend; stay clear of them.  Stick with fatty fish and plant-based fats like nuts or avocados.

Practice joint care. Try low impact activities like walking or cycling to strengthen your muscles.

Do regular check-ups. Having regularly scheduled check-ups are critical.  Check your eyes, blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol. Also, among other things, have a colonoscopy and mammogram done.

Maintain a keen mind. Socialising, learning a new language or skill—all keep your mind sharp.

Lower your alcohol intake. It might be challenging to quit altogether, so work on consuming less alcohol.

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Stay sharp. Learn a new skill or try word games and puzzles.

View ageing positively. Keep a positive attitude about ageing.

Maintain preventative care. Continue to do regular checks with your healthcare provider.

Be active. Laziness is not your friend. Find activities to keep your mind sharp and your body alive. Why not consider adopting a pet? It’s sure to keep you busy.

Eat healthily. Reduce your intake of processed foods—maintain a nutritious diet.  Also, drink alcohol in moderation.  

More than being the natural order of things, ageing is beautiful.  The care we give our mind and body helps make it an enjoyable, dignified process.

Age brilliantly!

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