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How to Stay Sane in Kingston’s Traffic

by Stephanie Koathes Dec 3, 2018

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There’s no shortage of cars in Kingston, and this is more than evident the moment the clock strikes 5pm.

Actually, these days, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of traffic on the roads at nearly all times. Kingston’s rammed motorways can be a real nightmare.

While no one enjoys being stuck in a sea of cars, struggling slowly along or evading reckless drivers, it is possible to stay sane in the traffic.

Plan your route

Does the route you take to work move at a snail’s pace in the morning? Take some time if you can during off-peak hours or on the weekend to explore different routes to the office or school. You might discover a side-road you’d never noticed before that will help you to cut out some more heavy traffic areas.

Listen to audiobooks

Many of us say that we’d like to start reading more books, and most of us don’t ever actually do anything about it. Well, instead of sitting at the steering wheel fuming about the situation on the road, use the time to listen to audiobooks. You’ll have something to keep you entertained, and audiobooks are an easy way to get into the wonderful world of books.

Learn with podcasts

Use the time stuck in traffic to learn about topics that interest you. Download podcasts on interesting subjects or personal development to listen to while you’re stuck heading home from the office.

Use it wisely

Time spent inching along to your destination doesn’t have to be time wasted. Use that quiet time in the car to plan out your day and the tasks you need to accomplish. You can even download hands-free memo apps so that you can make your to-do list safely on the go.

Good luck and drive carefully!