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If You Have a US Visa You Can Visit TCI from Kingston Hassle-free and its an Underrated Gem

by Stephanie Koathes Feb 11, 2019

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Should Jamaicans put TCI on their travel list?

In Jamaica, we have beautiful beaches galore. The calm, shallow waters of San San Beach in Portland, the seven-mile stretch of white sands in Negril, to the surfing waves in St Thomas – we’re spoiled for choice.

Well, Turks and Caicos might have us beat when it comes to beaches.

TCI is famed for their incredible turquoise water, clear and vibrant unlike anywhere else. That’s because the islands sit on an underwater marine plateau.


On the main island of Providenciales, you’ll find Grace Bay Beach, a long, wide stretch of super soft white sand, caressed by gentle waves. It’s been named the best beach in the world by TripAdvisor more than once.

Grace Bay Beach on Providenciales, Turks and Caicos.

TCI is more than just Grace Bay Beach. There is world-class dining to be found here and the island markets itself as a luxury destination overflowing with five-star accommodations.

North and Middle Caicos

A 30-minute ferry ride to North Caicos transports you to another world. North and Middle Caicos, connected by a causeway, collectively account for most of TCI’s land mass. They also have most of the nation’s greenery with North Caicos being the location for the government farm. These islands are sparsely populated, but a journey to Mudjin Harbour in Middle Caicos is absolutely worth the journey.

Mudjin Harbour on Middle Caicos, TCI

A dramatic landscape with an unspoiled expanse of beach, it will take your breath away, even though it’s not a good spot for swimming. From there you can head over to the Conch Bar Caves, the largest above ground cave system in the Bahamas-Turks and Caicos island chain.

TCI is a great quick getaway from Jamaica and a lovely piece of the region to explore. There are direct flights to Providenciales from Kingston on InterCaribbean Airways. If you have a US visa, then you won’t need to obtain a visa specifically to enter TCI. Turks and Caicos use the US dollar.

Have fun planning your trip and get ready to compare our beaches to theirs!