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Kingston Night Market’s Most Interesting Vendors

by Stephanie Koathes Jul 22, 2019

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Kingston Night Market is a showcase for small local businesses from food to beauty and wellness. There’s a little of everything here.

While there are regular vendors who are at the market every week, others pop in from time to time. You can also find live music and performances at Kingston Night Market.

Yello stopped by last Tuesday’s market, and we were blown away by the variety and creativity of the vendors. Here’s a round-up of the market’s most interesting vendors who were there when we visited.

Zee’s Wine

When you think of wine words like red, white, and Moscato perhaps come to mind, but what about aloe vera? Zee’s Wine had on display some of the most unique wines we’ve seen, including, aloe vera wine, which wasn’t bitter or medicinal at all. The wine was smooth and sweet. The moringa and cocoa wines were also delicious with the hemp wine as the star of the show.

Nutrition Block

Nutrition Block was born out of proprietor Joan Taylor’s son’s battle with eczema. Nothing seemed to work until he tried making natural products with beeswax. Nutrition Block sells all-natural hair and skin products made with gentle ingredients. From turmeric and honey face masques to lemongrass skin moisturiser, and inflammation-fighting bee butter, natural product lovers, will find something to enjoy. Joan also makes and sells nutrient-packed bone broth.

Lennox Coke Art

The vivid colours and striking details of Lennox Coke’s artwork capture your attention. His acrylic paintings of Jamaican lifestyle, flora and fauna are vibrant and dynamic, and it was a pleasure to look through the pieces he had on display. His paintings on 3D burlap posts were particularly eye-catching.

Eats by K

Finding gluten-free sweet treats can be a challenge. Kailey of Eats by K understands the struggle. The student, who is about to begin college in the US, offered up gluten-free goodies at her Kingston Night Market stall. She used cassava flour for her gluten-free iced cinnamon buns and chocolate chip cookies to prevent the “grit” usually associated with gluten-free foods.

Ysa Bakes

From fragrant coffee cinnamon rolls to gooey s’mores brownies and bright lemon squares, Ysa Bakes’ stall caught our attention with its smells. You can find them at Kingston Night Market; you can also place orders via Instagram.

Dream Bowls Ja

Dream Bowls Ja was still setting up as we were leaving, but we wanted to try their colourful, healthy smoothie bowls. Their superfood smoothie bowls are full of good-for-you ingredients like deep purple acai berry, bananas, kiwi, and dragon fruit.

Crystal Box

Matthew of Crystal Box sources and sells crystals, natural jewellery, oils, and incense. He can tell you about the different frequencies emitted by various crystals, and what aspects of life and health they’re supposed to affect. What caught our eye was a large slab of petrified wood, polished and gleaming on his table. If you’re into spirituality, crystals and any other else along these lines, his stall is for you.

Kingston Night Market is held every Tuesday from 5pm to 11pm on Hillcrest Avenue. It’s a great collection of local vendors and small businesses, of which these are only a few. The lineup of vendors changes weekly so be sure to check out the Kingston Night Market Instagram page to see who will be there.